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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Exceptions to Income Eligibility

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An exception to the maximum family income of $34,340 or 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for family size may be made in cases where there is evidence of factors which may deter a student from considering a career in science. Project SEED will consider applications from students with a family income of up to $48,260 if:

  • You are African-American, Hispanic, or Native American
  • Historically, your family is underrepresented in science
  • Your parents/guardians did not attend college
  • You live in a single parent household
  • You are a member of a large family

The above factors do not automatically qualify students who are beyond reasonable exceptions to the family income guidelines.

All exceptional circumstances of students being considered for Project SEED with a family income over $34,340 or 200% of the poverty guidelines as declared in the Project SEED application must be supported in a letter signed by the coordinator/mentor and forwarded to the ACS Project SEED office.