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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Mathematics Placement for MAT 100 and MAT 101

The Department of Mathematics is in the process of replacing MAT 099. Students who need remediation in MAT 101 should take MAT 101 and 101L concurrently. Students who need MAT 100 should take MAT 100 and 100L concurrently. (Check bulletin for information on whether student's major requires 100 or 101.)

All students who are not required to take a lab course are welcome to enroll in a lab concurrently with their 100 or 101 if they would like extra help. The table below shows which actions are requried, optional or not required.

Mathematics 100 and 101 lab requirements

*For Fall 2018, fully online students needing MAT 101 may choose to take MAT 099 online in Fall 2018 and MAT 101 online in Spring 2019 OR may wait until Spring 2019 and take MAT 101 and MAT 101L online concurrently.