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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Physics and Astronomy Laboratory

Physics and Astronomy labs are safely offered in-person in the Walker Science Building and the Chain Technology Building.  

PHY103L, Introductory Physics Lab

A one-semester lab that covers basic physics principles for non-science majors.

AST111L & AST112L, General Astronomy I & II Lab

A two-semester sequence that allows students to explore all that is outside of our planet with simple algebra.

PHY111L & PHY112L, General Physics I & II Lab

A two-semester sequence that covers the basic concepts of physics using algebra and trigonometry. This sequence is taken by many pre-professional students to prepare for the tests like the MCAT and LSAT.

Lecture Materials | College Physics 2e  
(Access for free at

PHY201L & PHY202L, General Physics I & II with Calculus Lab

A two-semester sequence that covers the basic concepts of physics more rigorously using calculus. 

Lecture Materials |  University Physics 
(Access for free at

PHY327L, Electronics Lab

Explores components and circuits that are used for scientific instrumentation. 

PHY341L, Optics Lab

Explores the properties of light including light’s interactions with matter.

PHY361L & PHY362L, Modern I & II Lab

A two-semester sequence required by physics majors that explores different topics of Modern Physics.



  • All lab manuals and other lab resources are available as free downloads in Canvas.
  • If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate Physics or Astronomy lab, please consult the Canvas page for downloadable material and other information.
  • Online sections of PHY111L and PHY112L are available for online-only students, and the online section of PHY111L and PHY112L requires an at-home kit to be purchased or rented.