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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Placement Testing

Accuplacer Test Administration

Accuplacer testing is given during the regular fall, spring, and summer semester through the Mathematics Center on the Hattiesburg Campus in the back of the first floor of the Cook Library. Placement tests are not given between semesters or during finals week. Students are required to schedule the test through the WCOnline website. The fee for the test is $10.00 and should be paid in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences office in TEC 430 before the test appointment time.

Scheduling to Take the Test

Students should schedule a placement test using the WCOnline tutoring sign up website.

Students should follow the directions to sign into the website and choose Mathematics Center as the location. Students should select Accuplacer from the drop-down list and then select a time that works with their schedule. When filling out the tutoring form, students should enter “Accuplacer” every place it asks for the class or instructor.

*This website it not available until the second day of the semester for summer or the second week of the semester for fall and spring semesters. Students should wait until the schedule becomes available before scheduling for the upcoming semester.

The Day of the Test/Paying for the Test

The fee for the test is $10.00 and should be paid in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences office in TEC 430 before the test appointment time. Students should bring the receipt and a photo ID with them to the Mathematics Center in the Cook Library for their testing appointment. A calculator is provided on the computer. Test results are given as soon as the test is completed.

Placement Test Information: Preparing for the Test

The most recent version of this test is known as 'Next Generation Accuplacer: Advanced Algebra and Functions’ through the CollegeBoard company.

Students can view sample content and problems to prepare for the placement test at the following Accuplacer website.

Placement Test: Cutoff Scores

All students now take ‘Advanced Algebra and Functions Test’ for placement. Next Generation scores range from 200-300.


Fall 2021

Course Wanted

Prerequisite Class

Grade “C” or  better

ACT Math


SAT Math


Next Generation Accuplacer Score

MAT 100

MAT 101

MAT 115

“C” or better in MAT 101S or 100S or “C” or better in MAT 099 or an equivalent course.

*See Note below.

≥20 >490     235 - 260

MAT 102

MAT 103

MAT 128

“C” or better in MAT 101 or an equivalent course ≥24 >560 261 - 275

MAT 136

MAT 314

“C” or better in MAT 103, MAT 128, or an equivalent course ≥24 >560 261 - 275
MAT 167 “C” or better in MAT 103, Mat 128, or an equivalent course ≥ 26 >600 >275


Note: MAT 099 is no longer offered at USM. Students scoring less than 235 on the Accuplacer test will be required to concurrently enroll in MAT 100 and MAT 100S OR MAT 101 and MAT 101S. There is no co-requisite course for MAT 115.

For questions, contact Emileigh McCardle.