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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae

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Full name and contact information
Mailing address, phone and fax numbers, email address, website


  • College education, not high school
  • If did thesis, put thesis title and name of adviser.
  • Any specialized education (short courses, international studies, etc.)

Professional Experience
This includes teaching and research experience. Include all research projects, any teaching assistant or tutoring jobs, summer research or internships, etc.

Publications and Presentations
All scientific publications and presentations, both on campus and off campus, should be included here. It doesn’t matter if you are the primary presenter or a co-author.

Honors and Awards
List all honors, awards, scholarships and recognitions here. Professional societies like ACS membership can be listed here as well.

Service Activities
List both on and off campus service activities that would show you have particular attributes such as leadership, etc.

Professional Skills
If you are applying for an industry position, you may want to list particular skills learned (e.g. mammalian cell culture) or instrument competencies (300 MHz Varian NMR). You can also list specific courses you have taken that would be appropriate for the position you are applying for, ie CHE 411 Instrumental Analysis when applying to an environmental analysis laboratory.

List name, title, address, telephone, and e-mail for three to five people who can credibly vouch for your professional competency. Do NOT say “references available upon request."