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To be considered for these scholarships, submit a general application to the University's GO system.

St. Clair Endowed Scholarship

Professor William St. Clair taught physics for many years here at Southern Miss until he retired in 1984. He loved physics and was a dedicated physics teacher. Ruth and William St. Clair enjoyed a very simple lifestyle and saved every penny they could do without. The St. Clairs endowed what is now known as the William F. St. Clair Endowed Scholarship with an initial gift of approximately $300,000. The William F. St. Clair Endowed Scholarship funds deserving undergraduate physics majors. 

Fred H. and Nadine Drews Scholarship

Eligibility: Senior in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics with a GPA > 3.25

R. Lamar Winstead

Eligibility: Major in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics with financial need