Vision, Mission and Goals for Military and Veterans

A nationally recognized comprehensive "military-friendly" education support program (application, admission, matriculation, graduation and professional placement) that successfully attracts military veterans, service members, dependents (family members) and survivors to pursue their academic and professional development interests.
Establish sustainable conditions for a "military-friendly" education support program that provides veterans, service members (active duty, Reserve Component and National Guard), dependents (family members) and survivors (VSDS) the opportunity to pursue a degree at the University of Southern Mississippi.
Actively love, care for and meet the needs and interests of our veterans, active-duty service members, their families and survivors.

  • Promote the University of Southern Mississippi for designation as a nationally recognized "military-friendly” school.
  • Synchronize and expand existing veteran-student support functions.
  • Identify, make application for and secure related transition assistance federal/state/private funding.
  • Develop a Hattiesburg Campus Veterans Student Service Center to accommodate and provide applicable support opportunities.
  • Establish active multi-media “Inform and Influence” Program to increase overall awareness of the USM veterans “military-friendly” program.
  • Collaborate with University faculty and staff to enhance the veteran student experience.
  • Establish advisory committee designed to provide creative thought, professional advice and overall mentorship.
  • Develop a three-year “phased” plan for a military-friendly VSDS Educational Support program.