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School of Ocean Science and Engineering

Student Spotlight: Luis Altamirano

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Luis Altamirano
Marine Science (Hydrography) PhD

What interested you about your field of study? Provide details about specific research interests.

My interest in underwater acoustics increased when I participated in my countries bathymetric and underwater seismic data acquisition cruises. We gather underwater data for Ecuador’s continental shelf exploration under the United Nations Law of the Sea requirements. I am fascinated by the variety of ways that underwater acoustics can be applied from oceans to rivers to produce data across many scientific fields.

What is/was the road to your degree path? 

Before getting to USM, I worked for 10 years in Ecuador in ocean related projects and education. My background includes a BS in Physics from Saint Norbert College, WI and an MS in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, FL.
Currently, I am attending a PhD program in marine sciences with a hydrography (Cat A certificate) emphasis. I believe this combination will provide me with the appropriate knowledge and tools to become a consultant in the future.
With my advisor, Mahdi Razaz, we work with Fluvial Acoustic Tomography (FAT) which is a novel underwater acoustics technique for measuring flow velocity in very shallow waters. 

Why USM?

Because of its leadership in hydrography and marine sciences

What type of job do you hope to obtain in your field of study after you graduate

My goal is to become a marine science and hydrography consultant

Please share any other information that you feel would be helpful to other students or potential students about your degree. 

I would strongly encourage people to get familiar with basic programming before as it is the main tool used for day-to-day tasks. 

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