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Office of Online Learning

Course Certification

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When your online class has been certified by the Quality Matters community will mean that you are among the elite online instructors. You will have learned the important aspects of your online class, learning how other people see your class, and optimized how your class reaches the audience.

To have a class certified, your class must meet 85% of the rubrics and standards. Once your initial benchmark percent is established, you will have a clear path for improvement. Even if your course is awarded with certification you will receive a report that helps you target any potential weak areas to improve and perfect.

Certification demonstrates your commitment, not only to creating an environment of excellence and quality, but also to maintaining that excellence. It will also put you and your classroom at the head of the online movement.

Let The Office of Online Learning help you become a cutting-edge online instructor.

Steps to get your online course QM Certified

  1. Complete a Self Review
  2. After the Self Review, contact the QM Coordinator, Susan.RaybornFREEMississippi.
  3. Start a Review Application (MyQM/CRMS)
  4. Work on your Course Worksheet (MyQM/CRMS)

The form to complete once your course has been certified is temporarily suspended.