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Office of Online Learning

Rubrics & Standards

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The course rubric standards are your first step to achieving a QM certified quality course. These standards have been assembled by teams of experienced online teachers, meaning they have been tested and proven to be the most effective way to deliver your class.

With more than fifty standards ranging from general to course specific, you will be able to offer a more concise, user-friendly online classroom. QM helps you achieve this with eight General Standards that will help shape everything you do:

  • Course Overview and Introduction
  • Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Instructional Materials
  • Course Activities and Learner Interaction
  • Course Technology
  • Learner Support
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • The focus of the QM Rubric is Alignment. The purpose of these standards is to ensure that your online class is aligned so that the most critical components work together to deliver your class.

Most importantly, the QM Standards have been examined for consistency. You can trust that these standards are continuously evolving with the way online technology advances, keeping you at the head of online classroom development. But this is just the first step. Once you’ve familiarize yourself with the rubrics and standards, you will be able to take advantage of even more that QM offers.

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