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Center for Pathway Experiences

Additional Suggestions for Developing an Internship/Pathways Experience

As you look to develop an internship/pathway experience, we also encourage you to consider the following:

  • providing the student with a company/organization orientation that includes establishment of learning objectives for the experience with the site supervisor and student;
  • insuring that the student has access to the appropriate work space, computer, telephone and technology to perform the functions and duties of their experience; 
  • introducing the student to the other staff and interns/pathways students within the department/office and explaining how the student's role fits within the larger organizational structure;
  • scheduling regular supervision meetings with your intern/pathways student to provide ongoing feedback and to respond to questions;
  • encouraging the student to ask questions and seek out assistance when needed;
  • allowing the student to attend office, departmental or company wide meetings;
  • providing opportunities for the student to provide input into decisions;
  • assigning the intern/pathway student a project that allows individual responsibility and ownership for the task;
  • developing networking and mentoring opportunities;
  • discussing future career goals with the intern/pathway student;
  • explaining any problems or concerns with your intern/pathway student directly; and
  • completing an overall evaluation of the student at the end of the experience and sharing this feedback with the student.

Need help with developing an internship/pathway experience or have a problem with a current intern/pathway student, please contact the Center for Pathway Experiences office at 601-266-4153.

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