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Center for Pathway Experiences

About the Pathways Center

The goal of the Center is to enhance the connections to pathway experiences for all undergraduate students and to promote the creation of academic initiatives with faculty to enhance curriculum based experiential experiences for students. Emphasis of the Center will be placed on promoting opportunities for students and faculty within undergraduate degree programs without formalized pathway programs.

What are Pathway Experiences?

Pathways are significant experiences connected to a student’s post-graduation goals.


•Internships (on and off campus; paid or unpaid)
•Student teaching, clinicals, practicums, externships
•Research (scholarly and/or creative)
•Entry-level jobs related to field (on or off campus, including part-time jobs or co-ops)
•Other activities that provide the student with experience related to their chosen discipline and/or to the student's post-graduation goals

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Center for Pathway Experiences
McLemore Hall, First Floor  Hattiesburg Campus

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