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Center for Pathway Experiences

Employer Guidelines & Policies


We thank you for your interest in hiring one of our Southern Miss students for an internship/pathway with your company/organization.  Below are a few guidelines as you look to develop a relationship with the Center for Pathway Experiences and recruit, retain and hire our students.

The Center seeks to enhance collaborations between current undergraduate students and employers in order to promote significant quality experiences connected to a student's post-graduation goals such as internships, research and other forms of fieldwork.  We view these opportunities as components of the student's academic and learning experience while at Southern Miss. As such, we define and look for internships/pathway experiences to have the following components:

  • Evidence that the experience is meaningful and the student is involved in significant professional work or research;
  • Evidence that the experience will provide opportunities to apply the student's academic studies to the work or research;
  • Evidence that the experience is related to the student's post-graduation/career goals;
  • Evidence of student learning goals and outcomes;
  • Evidence of on-going direct supervision and feedback/evaluation by the company/organization site;
  • Evidence that the company/organization is an EEO/AA employer and agrees to abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Internships/Pathway Experiences include the following:
*Please note that students participating in the Pathways Scholarship Program are required to complete 8 continuous weeks of full-time (35-40 hours per week) work.
Additionally although the Center does not require internships/pathway experiences to be part-time during the academic year (Fall/Spring semesters) for all other students, outside of the Pathways Scholarship Program, it is highly encouraged for employers/organizations wishing to hire a USM student during the academic year to consider offering a part-time experience to allow the student time to further their educational goals.
We are excited that you have taken the first steps toward building a relationship with the University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Pathway Experiences to recruit interns and pathway students.  Below you will find some useful links as you plan your visit to campus.

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