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Center for Pathway Experiences

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Paige Jones HeadshotCenter for Pathway Experiences, Program Director
"We want to develop students holistically, so that upon graduation, they are ready. Ready for the workforce or graduate school, and just ready for life in general. This is what Pathways can help with. We are here to help students find a pathway experience, fund summer experiences with a competitive scholarship, and finish their undergraduate degree with a graduation cord upon completing a written reflection survey of their experience."
The Center for Pathway Experiences is here to help you as you work with students in academic credit internship/pathway programs or with current or prospective students as they pose questions about internships and other pathway experiences. 

Our Services to you include:


    Graduation Cord Opportunity for Seniors: Have you completed a pathway experience, such as an internship, fieldwork, research, or job related to your major? Research shows that to maximize your pathway, it is important to stop, reflect, and analyze the experience. The University has developed the Pathway Reflection and Evaluation Form to help guide you through these steps. Upon completion of the form (approximately 15 minutes) you will receive a pathway cord to wear at graduation. To apply, visit
  • Faculty Access to Handshake, provided by Career Services to promote internship, part-time and full-time job opportunities for students.
  • Helping to develop internship opportunities for your students.
  • Consulting with faculty to develop academic initiatives for internship or pathway experiences for Southern Miss undergraduate students. Contact us at to schedule a consultation either in person or over the phone. For more information, click on the link for Best Practices for Internships, Fieldwork and Other Pathway Experiences.
  • Scholarships for Student Pathway Experiences.
  • Working with employers to create internship and pathway experiences that incorporate meaningful projects and learning opportunities for your students.
  • Offering pathway, internship and experiential learning class content and presentations. Request an in-class presentation.
  • Advise students on searching for internships/pathways. Encourage your students to contact us to request an appointment time.
  • Track internship/pathway hours & verification for graduation cords.
  • Record, assess and report data/trends on internships/pathways related to learning outcomes, clarification of post-graduation goals and development of career-readiness skills.
  • Supporting and promoting student involvement in career and job fair events coordinated by the Career Services office.
  • Other ideas or suggestions for supporting your Department, faculty or students?  Contact us at to discuss.

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