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Southern Miss Pathways Scholarship Program

1.) Where can I find the Southern Miss Pathway Scholarship application?

  • Log in to the GO System at using your SOAR credentials

    Hover over “Opportunities” and Select “Ours”

    Search for Pathways Summer Scholarship and click the gold “Apply” button

    2.) What does the application include?
  • The application has three parts: student (application and budget form), company/organization and faculty form.  All three sections must be submitted before the application is reviewed by the Pathways Scholarship Committee.
3.) What if I have applied for an internship/pathway but haven't received an offer from the company/organization by the application deadline?
  • If an offer had not been made by the company/organization by the application deadline, students should complete the application, listing each potential internship/pathway and answering all questions as much as possible for each internship/pathway and submit this form by the deadline via the online form.
  • An incomplete application will be filed as "pending."
  • Once the internship/pathway has been finalized, before the Pathways Scholarship Committee completes their review by the end of March, applicants must submit the updated student section to answer all questions and have the organization and faculty member complete their designated section online from the Pathways Scholarship Program Application Form.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
4.) Will a late application be considered?
  • Initial applications may be submitted after the deadline; however, the applications will be considered only after all applications submitted by the deadline have been reviewed
5.) What does the internship/pathway company/organization have to do for the Pathways Scholarship Program?
  • The internship/pathway company/organization must complete the Company/Organization section of the application available within the application and submitted directly online.
  • The program may require the interns supervisor at that the company/organization to complete an online evaluation at the end of the internship/pathway experience.
6.) What does the faculty member have to do for the Pathways Scholarship Program?
  • Students will need to select a full-time faculty member who knows them; explain the internship/pathway to the faculty member; and ask her/him to complete the faculty section of the application that will be sent online through the Application process.
  • The faculty form should be completed by a faculty member in the student's academic program, major or minor, or by a faculty member in a field associated with the work/research of the pathway experience.
7.) When will I know if I am approved for a Southern Miss Pathway Scholarship?
  • Once the application is complete the Pathways Scholarship Committee will review the application.
  • Notification of the application status will be sent to the student's by e-mail after the committee meetings, which occur late-March and mid-April. 
  • Approved students will then be asked to attend a meeting in April to complete the paperwork required for the scholarship.
8.) If I receive a scholarship, what am I required to do?
  • Pathway Scholars are required to:
  • Sign a Scholarship Agreement Contract;
  • Post monthly to an online conference;
  • Complete a Reflection and Evaluation;
  • Submit a porfolio of learning artifacts;
  • Write a narrative describing application of academic studies and career readiness at the end of their internship/pathway experience.
  • Present your pathway experience at a reception held in your honor at the end of summer or beginning of fall semester.
  • Scholars will also be available to speak about their experiences as requested and on Southern Miss Eagles Engaged Day, held in the spring, following the internship/pathway experience.
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