Academic Reorganization Planning


Vision 2020: Academic Reorganization Planning


The Plan for Academic Reorganization arises from the commitment of academic affairs at The University of Southern Mississippi to enhance the distinctiveness of academic programs and to create a sustainable model for academic programming. The Provost, Deans, chairs/directors and faculty advisory bodies at USM play an integral role in shaping our reorganization initiative and the concomitant success of academic programs.


Plan for Academic Reorganization

Academic Master PlanStrategic Framework










◼︎  March 4, 2019: Data Review of Coast Proposal

◼︎  January 25, 2019: Executive Retreat to Discuss Gulf Coast Proposal

◼︎  January 24, 2019: Initiative #2, Tenure and Promotion

◼︎  January 24, 2019 : Initiative #1, Annual Evaluation of Faculty Performance  

◼︎  December 18, 2018:  Coast Reorganization Plan presented to Vice Presidents

◼︎  October 8, 2018: Initiatives #4 and #7 have been revised; memo to Provost from ARIC re: revisions; School Policies and Procedures Document Template (PDF) revised

◼︎  August 29, 2018: Initiatives #4, #7, and #10 have been approved by Dr. Bennett.

◼︎  August 16, 2018: Reorganization Glossary and School Policies and Procedures Doument Template (PDF) added

◼︎  July 30, 2018: College & School Directory; printable list of colleges and schools (PDF)

◼︎  June 19, 2018: Four proposals have been approved by Dr. Bennett; full text here.

◼︎  February 20, 2018: Email from the Provost to Southern Miss faculty and staff (PDF)

◼︎  October 19, 2017: Progress Report from the Academic Reorganization Steering Committee (PDF)



IHL Reorganization Documents

◼︎   IHL Appendix 13b - College Structure

◼︎   IHL Appendix 13b - Schools and Departments

◼︎   Cover Letter to Dr. Susan Lee

◼︎   Proposed Academic Unit Org Chart

◼︎   Vision 2020 - Reorganization Overview


Reorganization Committees

◼︎   Steering Committee

◼︎   Academic Structure & Evaluation

◼︎   Faculty Governance & Representation

◼︎   Staff Structure

◼︎   Liaison

◼︎   Committee Structure Workflow

◼︎   Committee Charge Letter



Phase I: Proposals

The academic reorganization committees brought together more than 50 faculty and staff members, all of whom were asked to think broadly about new and innovative ways of shaping the future of the academy at The University of Southern Mississippi. 

◼︎   Steering Committee Reorganization Proposals and Final Recommendations (December 18, 2017)


Phase II: Implementation


Implementation Process Flowchart


◼︎   Implementing Vision 2020: School Leadership

◼︎   Initiative Implementation Document Checklist

◼︎   Implementation Phase Recommendations and Approval (February 6, 2018)

◼︎   ARIC Letter to the Provost (February 15, 2018)

◼︎   ARIC Implementation Roadmap by Committees