Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

If you are traveling on campus, we are located north of the Cochran center, just adjacent to the parking garage off of 4th street. We are located on the bottom floor of Scott Hall. 

If you are traveling from West Hattiesburg (Oak Grove), we are located on 4th street just past the parking garage on your right. 

If you are traveling from East Hattiesburg (Downtown), we are located on 4th street just past the football practice field on your left. 


Am I eligible to use Student Health Services?

All students registered for credit classes at The University of Southern Mississippi are eligible to use Student Health Services. Spouses of eligible students, who are not students themselves, and dependent children above the age of 12 may receive health care at USM SHS on a fee-for-service basis payable at time of visit. Services are also available for University faculty and staff on a fee-for-service basis.


What is the Cost?

Faculty and staff with State of Mississippi insurance can see one of our providers for a co-pay of $25. All other patients, regardless of insurance coverage, will pay a $20 provider fee. Any lab work, x-rays, injections or medications have an additional fee depending on the service or medication. These services are all at a reduced rate compared to other clinical services in our area. Our clinic and pharmacy accept many insurances so be sure to present your insurance card before paying to see if any of your fees are covered.


What insurances do you accept?

We will file your claim with any insurance carrier. Please note we may not be in your network. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier to see if your insurance is in network with USM Student Health Services. We are not currently able to accept Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIPS. 

Our pharmacy currently accepts the following insurances: Aetna, Advance PCS, Blue Cross of Alabama, Blue Cross of Mississippi, Caremark, Catalyst, Catamaran, Express Scripts (Blue Cross Louisiana, Tricare), Caremark Federal, Humana, OptumRx, Paid (United Health Care), PCS, Prime Therapeutics, Rx Solutions, and Therapy First Plus. 


What if my co-pay for my insurance is more than the $20 fee? Do I have to pay more?

No, even if you present your insurance and your co-pay is normally more, such as $25, you still will only pay the $20 fee for seeing one of our providers. That $20 will go towards your overall deductible so be sure to present your insurance.


Can I get a prescription filled if it was written by a doctor outside of the clinic?

Yes, as long as we have the medication available.


What if I can't pay for services at the time?

You can charge all fees from the clinic and pharmacy to your student ID and pay them later with the business office.


If I am traveling out of the country what vaccines do I need to take and are they offered at Student Health Services?

We offer vaccines and immunizations students need when traveling out of the country. Vaccines specific to your destination can be found on the CDC website (click here) or by contacting our clinic.


Can I get a copy of my medical records?

Yes, we will give you a copy of your medical records.  Additional charges may apply.  (check or cash only)


Can I get an excuse for missing class or work?

We will give you an excuse note for any missed class or work for the time of your appointment and duration of your illness.  If you need more than one excuse or lose your original copy, contact us to make arrangements to pick one up. 


Where do I park?

There is parking available in the parking garage off of 4th street, which is just adjacent to our building. We offer a spot for patient drop-offs, which is located on the east side of our building just past the 4th street entrance to the clinic. We also provide 3 parking spaces dedicated to patient parking on the east side of our building by the football practice field. 


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