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Student Health Services at Moffitt Health Center

Virtual Health Education

About Moffitt Health Center and a Message from the Dean of Students

Welcome from Dean of Students

Intro to Student Health Services at Moffitt Health Center

An overview of Moffitt Health Center and the services we provide for students and employees at USM.


We want our students to have ready access to information about topics that are important to them. Below you can find information about life during a pandemic, general health education, mental health, physical health, relationship health, stress management, and time management. Our team will continue to add videos, resources, links, etc. for current and future topics in the weeks ahead. We encourage you to check back often for updates. 

Virtual Health Topics

Life During a Pandemic 

General Health Education 

Illness Prevention

Mental Health

Physical Health

Relationship Health

Stress Management and Relaxation

Time Management and Productivity 

"How To..." Stress Less Activity Videos

Request Us

Just because we can't program in person, doesn't mean we can't program at all! If you would like for us to present to your organization, residence hall, class, etc. on a health topic of your choice, please use the link below to submit your request. 

Virtual Health Program Request

Check out our Fall Virtual Wellness Fair

 Health Topics

Life During A Pandemic

Mask Up Southern Miss
Wear Your Mask. 
Keep Your Distance.
Wash Your Hands.
Screen Your Health.
To The Top, Together!
Coping with the Pandemic

Adjusting to change is difficult for most people and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a plethora of changes for the majority of us.  If you’re having a difficult time adjusting to the changes and feeling as if you’ve lost a sense of control during the pandemic, check out this presentation for some tips on how to manage.

General Health Education

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness means overall well-being. This short animated video explores the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and helps people understand the practical strategies and ways they can begin developing healthy habits that can have a positive impact on their physical and mental health.


Tips for a Successful Semester
GEWW: Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll

College can be a time of new experiences for students. Learn basic facts and information about sexual health, alcohol and drugs, consent, and bystander intervention as you embark on your college journey.


Growth Goals for the College Years

The collegiate experience provides many opportunities for personal and professional development.  Tune into this video if you’re interested in developing some growth goals to get the most out of your college years.

Illness Prevention 

Fight Germs. Wash Your Hands!

This handwashing demonstration from the CDC will show you how handwashing can get rid of germs and chemicals that get on our hands every day.


Roll Up Your Sleeve for Your Annual Flu Vaccine

Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever during 2020-2021 flu season to protect yourself, your family and your community from flu. This fall and winter it is important for everyone to do their part to prevent respiratory illnesses, like flu and COVID-19.

Mental Health 

Maintaining a Pleasant Mood with Behavioral Activation

If you’re looking for some tips to manage your mood and promote a pleasant countenance, check out this video to learn how behavioral activation can be exceptionally helpful for one’s mood.


Coping with Homesickness

Homesickness can be debilitating if not dealt with properly.  If you’re interested in learning about the signs of homesickness along with tips on how to cope with homesickness, this video is for you!

10 Minute Method for Motivation

Struggling to get motivated? Tune into this short video to learn about the 10 Minute Method, a handy way to trick your brain and gain some momentum! 

 Coming Soon: Coping with Uncertainty

Physical Health

You Snooze, You WIN!

Sleep is vital for not only our physical health, but our mental health as well.  Sleep struggles can be frustrating and often require effort and intentionality to correct.  This video offers information on how to strategically clean up your sleep hygiene so that you can acquire restful and restorative sleep.



Virtual Exercise Classes from Campus Recreation


Relationship Health

Saying "No" Assertively 

While college can present many terrific opportunities for growth, sometimes the numerous opportunities can become overwhelming.  A great skill to acquire is that of boundary setting, which includes assertively saying “no” so that you can make decisions that are in-line with your values and goals.  Check out this video to learn various strategies for saying “no”. 

Navigating Family and Friend Boundaries

Do you have a friend/family member who violates your boundaries or need help with being more assertive in your communication? Do you struggle with telling family and friends “no” when you need a break? Watch this video for quick tips on how to assert boundaries with your friends and family members.

 Stress Management and Relaxation

Grounding Techniques for Coping with Stress

Feeling stressed? Caught up in worries about the future or rumination about the past? Try out this grounding technique to anchor yourself to the present moment and increase your mindfulness for the here-and-now.


How to Use Stress to Your Benefit

Stress is unavoidable; therefore, it is wise to learn how to use it to your benefit.  Tune into this video if you’re curious about the “good side” of stress.

10 Quick Ways to Rest and Recharge

Does life have you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious? Watch this quick video for tips on 10 ways to help you feel rested and recharged!


Stress Management

Stress is unavoidable, and research reveals that the college years are some of the most stressful years! Check out this video if you’re interested in learning some tips on how to better manage your stress and to be proactive rather than reactive in the face of stress.

 Time Management and Productivity

Tips for Developing Healthy Routines

Are you struggling to put order into your daily life or looking to start some healthy routines? Watch this video for tips on how to develop a healthy routine for the morning, evening, and studying! 


Tips for Addressing Procrastination

Procrastination is universal, and many college students know the procrastination battle all too well.  Check out this video if you’re interested in learning about the different types of procrastination and some tips on how to address each type.


GPS Method for Maintaining Focus
and Developing Routines

Feeling lost and looking for some direction in life? Just like a GPS can help us navigate our travels on the road, we can identify our own GPS for daily focus and guidance. Tune into this video to learn about the GPS acronym and to find out how to develop your personal GPS to assist with navigating your daily routine and to-do lists.


Productivity Tips

Do you struggle with staying organized or being productive? Staying organized is the key to being productive! Watch this quick video for some tips and strategies on how to boost your productivity.

"HOW TO..." Stress Less Activity Videos

DIY Balloon Stress Ball

Use the video below for a step by step process for making a homemade balloon stress ball! 

DIY Glitter Calming Jar

Use the video below for a step by step process for making your very own calming jar! 


Fall and Spring Semesters

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

*Pharmacy opens at 9 a.m. Monday - Friday*

Semester Breaks and Summer

Clinic and Pharmacy
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - Noon, 1 p.m - 4 p.m.

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Student Health Services at Moffitt Health Center
Scott Hall
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