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Undergraduate Research

DCUR Grant Recipients 2019

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Drapeau Summer Research Grants

Omar Martinez Sandoval (Music)
Uncovering Mexican Repertoire for the Double Bass
Mentor: Dr. Marcos Machado

Brandon Revels (Computer Science)
A Machine Learning Method for Predicting Liver Transplant Survival Outcomes
Mentor: Dr. Chaoyang Zhang


Eagle SPUR Grants (Spring 2019 Competition)

Beckah Campbell (Marine Science)           
Preservation Method Effects on Body Weight for Common Mississippi Sound Species
Mentor: Dr. Jill Hendon

Adam Davis (Chemistry)
Chiral Ether Synthesis Via the Organocatalyzed Reduction of Esters
Mentor: Dr. Julie Pigza

Holly Estopinal (Psychology)
To Test, or Not to Test: It’s a Question of Retention! Evaluating the Effects of Initial Testing on Additive and Contradictory Misinformation
Mentor: Dr. Mark Huff

Ashley Funkhouser (Psychology)
Influence of Action on Affordance Perception in Virtual Reality
Mentor: Dr. Alen Hajnal

McKenzie Hargis (Biology)
Investigation of Immunological Properties of Trophoblast Stem Cells and their Differentiated Cells
Mentor: Dr. Yanlin Guo

Shelby Harris (Social Work)
Genders’ Perspectives on Affirmative Consent
Mentor: Dr. Tamara Hurst

Giorgi Kenkebashvili (Biology)
The Effect of Environment and Quorum-Sensing on the Production of Phenazines by Plant and Animal Pathogenic Burkholderia
Mentor: Dr. Dmitri Mavrodi

Sara Khawaja (Computer Science)
Utilizing Natural Language Processing to Extract Conclusions from Scientific Publications
Mentors: Drs. Weihua Zhou and Tom Rishel

Bethany Lawson (Geography)
Learning to Love Bats
Mentor: Dr. Mark Miller

Nishchal Sapkota (Computer Science)
A Novel Machine Learning Method for Predicting the Potential Toxicity of Chemical Compounds.
Mentor: Dr. Chaoyang Zhang

Trishal Zaveri (Chemistry)
Formation of Micron-Size-Patterned Polymer Film Using Electric Field
Mentor: Dr. Song Guo


Eagle SPUR Grants (Fall 2019 Competition)

Kaitlyn Birkhoff (Chemistry)
Investigation of Acid Catalyzed Pictet-Spengler Cyclization with Sulfonamides
Mentor; Dr. Matthew Donahue

Cailyn Bobo (Biology)
Wolbachia shapes the native microbiome of the tick vectors
Mentor: Dr. Shahid Karim

Jessalyn Davis (Marine Science)
Determining the Influence of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Lake Pontchartrain
Mentor: Dr. Alan Shiller

Tatum Freeman (Psychology)
PTSD Symptoms and Alcohol-Related Outcomes in College Students: The Mediating Role of Positive and Negative Coping Styles
Mentor: Dr. Michael Madson

Amie Geary, Shawn Norris (Biology)
Role of Heartworm Infection on the Microbiome of Arthropod Vector
Mentor: Dr. Shahid Karim

David Hii (English)
Farmers of Men
Mentor: Dr. Joshua Bernstein

Kaitlyn Holifield (Psychology)
Inferences of Parental Ability from Bodily and Facial Cues
Mentor: Dr. Donald Sacco

Jesse McAlary (Psychology)
Down is Up: Language Priming as a Means of Increasing Search Engine Result Utilization
Mentor: Dr. Donald Sacco

Regina Rhodes (Psychology)
The Effects of Bullying, Compassion Fatigue and Pet Attachment on Veterinarian Mental Health
Mentor: Dr. Lin M.L. Agler

Lacey Wallace (Marketing)
Yours, Mine, or Ours? The Role of Cultural Values in Determining Attitudes and Participation in Sharing Economy Services
Mentor: Dr. Joanne Gao


NCUR Travel Support

Clara Ellis (Chemistry)
Enantioselective Synthesis of Piperidine Derivatives Through an Enyne Metathesis           
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Donahue

Ahmed Mohamed (Biology)
Alpha-Gal Syndrome: Tick α-D-galactosidase is involved in the synthesis of galactose-⍺-1,3-galactose (α-Gal) and Red Meat Allergy
Mentor: Dr. Shahid Karim

Joseph (“Landry”) Smith (Psychology)
Do Expectations of Study Tasks Affect Memory Performance? Evaluating the Role of Task Expectancy in the Levels-of-Processing Framework
Mentor: Dr. Mark Huff

Lacey Wallace (Marketing)
Yours, Mine, or Ours? The Role of Cultural Values in Determining Attitudes and Participation in Sharing Economy Services
Mentor: Dr. Joanne Gao


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