Academic Status / Grade Policy

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                                    24 February 2016



MEMORANDUM FOR Cadre and Cadets, THE University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #4, Academic Status / Grades Policy Letter



1.  PURPOSE.  The purpose of this memorandum is to establish the policies and procedures for Academic Status and grade requirements in the Golden Eagle Battalion.


2.  ACADEMIC STATUS.  Cadets must maintain a full time academic status to remain in ROTC.  USM full time status is defined as a minimum of 12 hours per semester and William Carey University students must maintain a minimum of 9 hours per semester.  


3.  GRADES.  ROTC defines minimum grade requirements per semester as a GPA of 2.0 and/or 2.0 cumulative.  Cadets do not meet minimum grade requirements if the GPA falls below this level at the end of the Academic Semester.


4.  ACADEMIC STATUS / GRADE TRACKING.  Military Instructors will monitor Cadet grades and prepare mid and final semester grade report for PMS review.


5.  FAILURE TO MAINTAIN ACADEMIC STATUS AND/OR GRADES. If you fail to maintain academic status and/or grades as defined above, you will be placed into a PROBATION or SUSPENSION status for the next semester.  If at the end of probated or suspended semester if the GPA does not improve to minimum standard, then a disenrollment packet will be processed through 6th Brigade and US Army Cadet Command. 


6.  POC is the undersigned at 601-266-4458.




LTC, Aviation
Professor of Military Science