Action Plan for Anti-War Demonstrations

ATCC-FFH-SSM                                                                                                     24 February 2016



MEMORANDUM FOR Cadre, University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #8, Action Plan for Anti-War Demonstrations



1.  In the event an anti-war demonstration occurs on campus, notify the Professor of Military Science or the ranking person available at that time.  A call will then be placed to Campus Security at 266-4911.  If the demonstration appears to be peaceful, operations will continue as  normal.


2.  If the demonstration becomes threatening or if the ROTC building is the focus of the demonstration and is at risk of being occupied, the Professor of Military Science will inform all cadre and staff to release all cadets and secure the building.  He will then inform the Dean of The College of Arts and Letters at 266-4315.  Request Campus Security maintain surveillance on all ROTC buildings and all military vehicles. 


3.  The Provost Marshall at Ft Rucker, AL, will be informed of the situation at (205) 255-2610/2511 or AV 558-2610/2511.  The ROTC detachment will then submit a Serious Incident Report (SIR) IAW AR 190-40 as soon as practical.  Inform ROTC detachments at the University of South Alabama (205) 460-6341 and Alcorn State University at (601) 877-6370 of the situation. 


4.      The cadre S3 will establish a relationship with Campus Security so that Campus Security will

notify us of any planned demonstrations.  The S3 will schedule battalion events so as not to come in contact with these demonstrations.


5.      Cadets and cadre will not wear military uniforms at any rally or demonstration.


6.      Public Affairs Guidance:  Our position is that Cadet Command trains students to

serve as officers in the Army; it does not make national policy.  Officers who are commissioned through ROTC serve as directed by our elected officials.


7.  POC is the undersigned at 601-266-4456.





                                                             JOSEPH SWINDLE

                                                                             LTC, Aviation

                                                                             Professor of Military Science