Completion Cadet Policy

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                                  24 February 2016



MEMORANDUM FOR Cadre and Staff, University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #11, Completion Cadets



1.  Completion Cadets have finished all of the pre-commissioning requirements.  The number one priority of completion cadets is academics.  The PMS is the overall advisor for all completion cadets and is assisted in these duties by the XO.


2.  NLT September 30 of each year the PMS will counsel all completion cadets to ensure understanding of this policy.  Each completion cadet will schedule a monthly counseling session with the PMS.  The purpose of this counseling session will be to ensure the cadets are on track for graduation and commissioning and to answer any questions the cadets may have. 


3.  Completion cadets are required to sign up for some MS492 ROTC course.  Their general responsibilities for this class involve attending PT sessions, fulfilling their staff position (assigned based on their specific situation) and assisting with Leadership Lab as needed.  Successful completion of these requirements will result in favorable grade and improve GPA.


4.  Completion cadets will assist in the running of all FTXs – specific responsibilities will be coordinated with the Senior Military Instructor.


5.  Completion cadets will ensure they keep up to date contract information on hand with the admin tech.


7.  The battalion secretary will keep a roster of the monthly counseling sessions for each completion cadet and notify the PMS if a completion cadet has not had his monthly counseling.


8.  POC is the undersigned at 601-266-4456.






                                                                                    JOSEPH L. SWINDLE

                                                                                    LTC, Aviation
                                                                                    Professor of Military Science