Physical Fitness Training Policy

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                          24 February 2016



MEMORANDUM FOR Cadre and Cadets, THE University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #3, Physical Fitness Training Policy Letter



1.  PURPOSE.  The purpose of this memorandum is to establish the policies and procedures for physical fitness training in the Golden Eagle Battalion.


2.  TIME AND LOCATION.  Physical training will be conducted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 0600 – 0700 hours during the academic year on days when academic classes are in session.  We will meet at Pride Field or other designated location for accountability formation. Any Cadet that receives 290 or better on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) will be excused from Physical Training on Mondays; the Cadet must maintain 290 or better on all APFTs to keep this benefit.


3.  ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS.  Attendance is mandatory and will follow the USM ROTC Attendance Policy Memorandum for all required classes and training.  Non-contracted cadets that are not in the National Guard or Reserves are required to have a Medical Fitness Statement completed by medical personnel at the BEDIE SMITH Health Clinic prior to participation in the PT program.  See the HRT for the form.  All Profiles must be turned into your Instructor. Profiles and sickness DO NOT EXCUSE you from PT. Any excused absence must be approved by your instructor prior to the absence.


4.  ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (APFT).  The APFT and Height/Weight (HT/WT) check will be administered three times during the semester for MS I, IIs, and IVs. The APFT and HT/WT check will occur on a monthly basis for all MS IIIs and for any MS IVs that do not meet 70 points or better on their last APFT. Any contracted cadet who fails ANY APFT or fails to meet ANY Height / Weight standards in accordance with Army Regulation 600-9 will be placed into a PROBATION or SUSPENSION status for that semester. Also the Contracted Cadet that fails one of these requirements will take another APFT and HT/WT check within 30 days after the failed test, if the Contracted Cadet fails again then a disenrollment packet will be processed through 6th Brigade and US Army Cadet Command. 


5.  INJURIES.  All injuries associated with physical training must be brought to the attention of the MSL instructors.  Cadre will provide instructions for medical care.  Cadets are financially liable for medical care received outside of the standard process. 


6.  FTU and REMEDIAL PHYSICAL TRAINING. Fitness Training Unit will be used for any MS I or II Cadet who scores 40 points or less on the APFT, they will remain in FTU until they score 40 points or more on the APFT. Remedial PT will be offered in the afternoons, see your Platoon Leadership for times and Locations, it is strongly recommend that any Cadet that fails the APFT or Height/Weight requirements attend Remedial PT.


7.  POC is the undersigned at 601-266-4458.




LTC, Aviation          

               Professor of Military Science