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Center for Community Engagement

Connecting USM to the Community

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) coordinates meaningful and mutually beneficial community engagement experiences to address university and community needs, effect positive social change, and cultivate active citizen leaders. Through partnerships with faculty, staff, students, and over 100 community agencies, CCE facilitates activities that integrate learning, service, and leadership.

Request Volunteers Introduction Video for Students

How to Best Serve Your Community

The Center for Community Engagement encourages meaningful service opportunities that can truly make a difference for our community partners.

  • Support just one organization. Be available when they request volunteers.
  • Get hours through continuous volunteering. Be consistent!
  • Do service in small groups of 5 or less.
  • Commit to showing up and honor your commitment.
  • A Service Consultation will allow our office staff to learn more about what type of service activity you're looking for and match you with community partners on and off-campus.
  • Remember that you can always find current volunteer opportunities on CCE social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Subscribe to the CCE newsletter
  1. Go on an Alternative Service Break
  2. Get hired through the REACH program
  3. Be a part of Volunteer USM
  4. Learn more about Service-Learning

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Center for Community Engagement
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