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Center for Community Engagement


Service Hour Reporting

  • Report Service Hours at (the Get Connected platform). Use your USM credentials to log in. See detailed instructions
  • Check out Report Service Hours to watch a step-by-step on how to report your hours. 
  • ALL SEMESTER VOLUNTEER HOURS DUE THE FRIDAY BEFORE FINALS. ALL submitted service hours will be approved during finals week and the week after. This is to reduce the number of duplicate service hour submissions. We will review/decline hours throughout the semester, however, to ensure adherence to guidelines
  • User groups can be used to track group and individual service hours. Submit your roster to request a User Group
  • USM groups - enable volunteer sign-up and check-in by requesting to list your volunteer opportunity on Get Connected
  • Students who need verification of service hours should still have volunteer supervisors sign a Volunteer Service Log. We "approve" hours that adhere to certain guidelines but we cannot provide proof of service without a volunteer service log. 

Request Volunteers

If you are looking for volunteers, please use the Get Connected database to create a profile and post OPPORTUNITIES. Volunteers can sign up for opportunities directly through this service. 

Hattiesburg agencies:

Gulf coast agencies: 

USM organizations:



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