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Center for Community Engagement


The CCE organizes only one or two service activities a semester so that it can focus on referring volunteers to already existing service opportunities. You can find service opportunities through 

  • Find new opportunities daily on CCE's social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Request a one-on-one service consultation - meet with a student in the CCE office to find opportunities best suited to your specific interests, schedule, and career path. Please indicate if you are faculty or staff and we'll set up time for you to meet with professional staff in our office. 
  • Get involved with Volunteer USM, a student organization that organizes service opportunities 
  • Upcoming CCE Events

If you are looking for volunteers, please use this form to request volunteers.

Service Hour Reporting

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Individual Reports by Members - Form
Monthly Reports by Chapter - Spreadsheet

Organizations within USM's fraternity and sorority community may choose one of two options to report service hours: 

  • Individual members can submit service hours directly to their CPC, IFC, or NPHC representative and also send a copy to their chapter representative. 
  • Chapters can track member service hours however they choose and submit them on this provided template which is due to their CPC, IFC, or NPHC representative at the end of each month.

Any service hours over a month old will not be accepted.

Student Organizations, Departments, and Individuals
Individual Reports - Form

Students who need verification of service hours should have volunteer supervisors sign a Volunteer Service Log, which can be uploaded onto the form above. 

While all reported hours will be forwarded to requested organizations, CCE will only "approve" hours for our records that adhere to certain guidelines.

Upcoming Events 


August 31 – Sept. 18, Voter Registration
In coordination with members of AASO, Delta Sigma Theta, I.D.E.A.L Women, M.O.X., NAACP, and SGA, CCE will be raising awareness about how to be an active citizen, what you need to know about your voting rights and how you can make an informed vote!  Register to vote in the comfort of your dorm room and volunteers will pick it up and get it delivered to the appropriate county clerk’s office!

September 23rd, 6-7:30 pm
ASB Social Convo: Voting Rights and Voter Suppression
Social Convo Sept. 23
Since we can't travel this fall, we'll take a virtual journey to explore issues that are important to Mississippi.

The 2020 Election is notably one of the most controversial and polarized elections. Amid a major pandemic, the nation must think outside of the box to get voters to the ballot box. NAACP Community Organizer Matthew Campbell and MS Votes Data Manager Charles Taylor share potential strategies to motivate students to get out to vote and share resources that help to eliminate barriers to voting.

October 23 , 6-7:30 pm
ASB Social Convo: Juvenile Justice and Mass Incarceration
Special Guests: REFORM Alliance Senior Organizing Strategist Britton Smith, and MS Votes Policy and Research Analyst Hannah Williams

Our nation suffers from targeted and over-incarceration. This problem is not a novel issue for today’s society and its roots stem long before the 21st century. The United States locks up more people than any other country in the world and nearly half a million people in the US are in jail, now, without being convicted of a crime. Typically, individuals are held because they cannot afford to bail out. 

Nov. 11, 6-7:30 pm
ASB Social Convo: Implicit Bias
Special Guest: USM PRISM Center Program Manager Tegi Jenkins-Rimmer

Our biases can be dangerous, even deadly—as we have seen in the cases of Ahmad Aubrey in Brunswick, GA, and George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this session, students are encouraged to take a deeper look, acknowledge their biases, and identify ways to debunk their assumed “stereotypes” to gain better understandings of the social groups of which they do not hold membership.

2020 Fall Alternative Service Break: Memphis, TN, Oct. 15-18

Travel with the Center for Community Engagement to the second home of blues, soul & Rock 'n' Roll to learn about Memphis' past and present involvement in the fields of education equity and civil rights while working with organizations that support the local community. On this trip, students will work with Serve 901 - an organization that provides customized service-learning experiences, connecting students to special interests ranging from biomedical sciences to community development, social justice, and more. Cost: $275, includes transportation, food, and lodging. 

January 2021 Study Abroad: Medina Bank, Belize
Enroll in IDS 492CA  during the January 2021 intersession to travel with the Center for Community Engagement to the exotic land of Medina Bank, Belize to learn about human security and Mayan culture while working on infrastructure to support the local community. On this trip, students will work to with 7 Elements—an educational program—that studies how various social, economic, and physical environments affect the larger society.

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