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It’s easy to support the Center for Community Engagement with this online form! Thank you for supporting the Center for Community Engagement and The University of Southern Mississippi! 

About the Conville Fund
In 2015, Dr. Richard L. Conville, professor emeritus of communication studies and service-learning at The University of Southern Mississippi from 1978-2013, together with his wife established the Richard L. and Mozella P. Conville Endowment to support the Center for Community Engagement. Its purpose is to provide students and faculty with experiences to enhance their ability to learn and teach through community service. As Ernest Boyer has said, “The aim of education is not only to prepare students for productive careers, but also to enable them to live lives of dignity and purpose; not only to generate new knowledge, but to channel that knowledge to humane ends; not merely to study government, but to help shape a citizenry that can promote the public good” (Scholarship Reconsidered, 1990, 77-78).

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