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Center for Community Engagement

Approved Community Service


Meaningful Community Service Not Community Service
Volunteering with a community organization (e.g. coaching, tutoring, mentoring, food pantries, nursing homes, etc.) Volunteering, job shadowing, or internship that benefits a for-profit business
Service hours undertaken with a faith-based organization that benefits the community without faith requirement Service only benefiting a specific church, congregation, creed, or evangelism
Volunteering as part of an event (e.g. washing cars at a car wash) to raise money for charity Selling items for a fundraiser, asking people for money, or making donations
Volunteering at a charity event organized by a campus department Volunteering for a campus department activity that only benefits the University
Activities that benefit the health or well-being of the entire campus community Student organizational tabling or activities with no benefit to community well-being
Citizenship activities (i.e. voter registration) Campaigning for a specific candidate or political party


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