ITD Doctoral Program

The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in Instructional Technology and Design (ITD) to prepare individuals interested in pursuing careers and/or professional development in the field with a strong theoretical and research base in the design, development, implementation, evaluation, and administration of instructional technology systems.  Students will obtain a strong foundation in instructional design, cognitive theory, technology application, and research to meet the challenges found in the field.


A wide variety of course offerings gives the graduate a thorough background in both the application of theory and practice in the field.  All students will study the following areas that pertain to ITD: (a) instructional design, (b) visual design and communication, (c) instructional technology, (d) applied learning theories, (e) distance learning, (f) assessment and evaluation, (g) interface design and technology applications, (h) future trends in technology, and (i) quantitative and qualitative research methods in the ITD field.  The ITD program provides students with the flexibility to pursue individual interests in the area of technology applications and instructional design and development.


The doctoral program consists of a minimum of fifty-seven (57) graduate semester hours beyond the Master’s degree. More than sixty-three (63) hours may be required to satisfy deficiencies that may exist in the student’s background and preparation (e.g., Master's degree is not in a related field).


A doctoral comprehensive exam is required for the program and must be passed before the student can proceed to the dissertation.