ITSA Events

Workshop for Panamanian Teachers

On Jan. 15, 2016. ITSA officers, Robin Jackson, Cynthia Baertich, and Mingyu Li, conducted a workshop on the topic of Technology Skills and Methods in Classroom" for the language teachers from Panama in the Department of Foreign Languages at USM. They demonstrated the skills of Kahoot, Goanimate, Screencast-O-Matic, and Periscope and discussed the strategies of how to integrate these tools in classroom. Teachers were excited about learning these new tools which can be used in their classroom.

Google Classroom Workshop for Panamanian Teachers

March 2, 2015. ITSA members, Lin Zhong and Cynthia Baertich, conducted a Google Classroom workshop for the teachers from Panama in the department of Foreign Language at USM. They showed several Google products and utilized Kahoot to play games with Panama teachers. All teachers showed great interests and actively participated in the workshop. 


Kahoot Workshop

February 23, 2015. ITSA member, Robin Jackson, conducted the Kahoot workshop in a local middle school. She introduced and demonstrated how to use Kahoot, which is a game-based blended learning and classroom response system, in K-12 classroom. Teachers were really enjoyed workshop.  


IT Students Orientation, Meeting, and Greetings

On Sep. 8, 2012, about 30 IT graduate students and their families as well as IT faculty members attended the event. All participants appreciated this opportunity to meet with each other in person and enjoyed the delicious food. Viewe the flyer of orientation 2012 (docx) and the gallery for more information

Since the Fall of 2012, ITSA has offered workshops on the emerging technologies to the faculty members in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education (CISE). To view the details, click this link.

Invited Lecture: Using Technology to Identify Grant Opportunities: An Overview of Locating External Funding

This presentation will provide the audience with information pertaining to the need for grants, the creation of grant proposal concept maps, and tips on locating appropriate funding sources utilizing e-techniques including keyword searches and website exploration.

Presenter: Dr. Ronald A. Styron, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and School Counseling and Director of the Gulf Coast Instructional Leadership Center for a grant writing presentation. Dr. Styron has administered several grant-funded projects throughout his career and served as project contact, co-director, and an instructor for numerous IHL Summer Institutes. As of 2011, Dr. Styron has received $2,809,391 in grant awards for these projects. Nov. 17, 2011.

Invited Lecture: Immersive 3D Virtual Spaces: The Intersection of Second Life and You

3D OLIVEs, or On-Line Immersive Virtual Environments, are virtual spaces in which humans can interact in real-time through the use of an advanced avatar, developing a tangible sense of presence. These 'environments' can be used for education and business, but are personal social networking sites at their core. During this presentation participants will be introduced to 3D OLIVEs using Second Life, the oldest and most popular of the current software environments available today. Participants will view a Prezi presentation on the basics of Second Life, then be taken on a live in-world tour guided by veterans Harleydoc and Crystal Outlander, with visits to a variety of venues.

Presenters: Dr. Steve Mark, Assistant Professor in the College of Business and ITD doctoral student, Chris Mark, also a faculty member in the College of Business, Oct. 20, 2011.

ITSA new school year meeting agenda, August 19, 2010.

Professional Development, March, 8, 2010

Experiences in SICET Summer fellowship in China, July 3, 2009.

Experiences in comps, April 25, 2009, Guest: Amy Thorton

ITSA (Instructional Technology Student Organization) would love to conduct a workshop for your school or business!  Please contact us if you have something in mind, or if we could help you develop training for your teachers/employees. Contact ITS for a workshop you are interested

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