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Law Enforcement Training Academy, Camp Shelby, MS

Continuing Education Training Schedule

 Classes are approved by MSBLEOST for continuing education hours as mandated for municipal police officers MS Code 45-6-19.



TASER X26P, X2, and the new TASER 7 Instructor Certification course

July 9-10, 2019


Cost:  $495

Master Instructor: Gerald Butler










About the Class

With the release of Version 21, Axon has reformatted the Instructor course to teach students how to develop and safely execute scenarios and isolation drills, provide more in depth scenario training, and Virtual Reality training.  Students will learn how to develop and safely implement scenarios, isolation drills, and conduct teach backs to hone their Instructor skills.  This online and pracitcal day course will certify you to instruct others on the use of the X26P, X2, and Taser 7 Conducted Energy Weapons. 

Training Note

The online portion is a prerequisite to attend the practical scheduled training.  It will open June 18, 2019 and must be complete by July 6, 2019.  Axon Academy makes no exceptions.  If the online course is not completed by the closing date, you will be disenrolled.


Equipment Needed

Department issued TASER holster.  Holsters will be available for those who do not have department issued holsters.

Sanitized Duty belt - NO firearms, ammunition, batons, chemical sprays, or weapons of any kind.

Must register through Axon Academy:  Click Here

Lodging and Meals are available through SRPSI for $60 per day.

Contact Rhonda via email or phone 601-266-6680 





Tactical Officer Survival School 

Firearms Instructor / Shoulder Weapons 

September 30 & October 1-2, 2019


Cost:  $300





About the Class

This class is taught by retired Police Chief Tom Long.  At the time of his retirement, Tom was the longest serving Chief of Police in the state of Mississippi at 27 years.  Tom’s law enforcement career spanned 38 years as he worked his way through the ranks to become Chief of Police.

This class is designed for the officer who wishes tolearn how to teach his or her officers to WIN combat confrontations and not just instruct them on how to qualify on the firing range.  The class is for shotgun and patrol rifle (can bring sub gun if issued by the department).


Equipment Needed

Shotgun & Ammo (100 rounds birdshot / 10 slugs / 10 buckshot)

Patrol Rifle & Ammo (500 rounds)   Handgun & Ammo (150 rounds)

Range Gear:  Eye Protection and Ear Protection

Handgun holster / Magazine Pouch / Extra Magazines

Rain Gear

Body Armor

Information requests & Registration: toss_long_gun_oct_19.pdf

Lodging and Meals are available through SRPSI for $60 per day.

Contact Rhonda via email or phone 601-266-6680

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