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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Graduate Study in Chemistry

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The primary focus of your education toward a doctoral or master's degree is the successful completion of a research project. Courses and examinations are designed to enhance your abilities as an independent scientist.

Successful graduate students in our department pass several milestones during their graduate career: 

  • pass qualifying exams in the first year
  • select research mentors
  • pursue research objectives rigorously
  • serve conscientiously as teaching assistants
  • write and defend a research prospectus
  • present annual research updates to the department
  • present regularly at relevant regional, national, and
    international research meetings
  • publish results in peer-reviewed journals
  • participate actively in lecture and seminar series

A complete listing of all graduate students from year 2000 to the present are listed here,

More details can be found in the Graduate Program Requirements, Policies and Procedures (January, 2012) (pdf document)

We encourage you to apply if you 

  • love doing research and studying in chemistry or biochemistry and
  • have (or will shortly have) a bachelor's or master's degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or a related area. A degree in biology is acceptable if you have taken sufficient math, physics, and chemistry to pursue graduate work in chemistry.