Partners Members


Dr. and Mrs. J. Larry Smith in memory of Jane Becker Heidelberg

Bill and Marcella Strong



Larry and Gail Albert


Peter and Diane Ciurczak in memory of Lillian, Helen, and Regina

James and Janeil Dukes

Iris Easterling

Steven and Wendy Farrell

Forrest General Hospital

Alice Carol and Sandy Gray

Dr. and Mrs. William Gullung, III

Betty Jo and Fred Ison

Dr. Frances A. Karnes

Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey K. Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. James F. McKenzie

McMahan Family Charitable Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Toxey Michael Morris

Dr. Steven Moser

Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Murphey

Drs. John Fitzpatrick and Nancy Perrizo

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Puckett

Curt Redden and Petra Schneider Redden

Southern Miss Alumni Association



Dr. and Mrs. Fred H. Drews

COL Tyler in memory of Dr. Gerry Cadenhead Fletcher

Robert and Shirley Glaab

Mary and Dick Jordan

Dr. William Odom



Dr. and Mrs. David W. Bomboy

Larry Best and Kory Chatelain

Drs. George and Barbara Carter

Ward and Mary Moore Conville

Jim Dukes, Jr.

Hattiesburg Clinic

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Heath

Warren and Carolyn Hood

Jan and Craig Howard

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leader

Peggy and Frank McWhorter

Drs. Marvin and Bitsy Browne Miller

Doug and Becky Montague

Robert and Kathryn Morrow

Brad and Jacquelyne Pittman

Charles and Anita Price

Jeanette and Tom Price

Regions Bank

Doug and Pam Rouse

Sam and Arlean Sackler

Trustmark National Bank



Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Abraham

Elizabeth Mee Anglin

Dr. and Mrs. Martin H. Baker, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carmichael

Fran and Gene Carothers

Constantine and Audrey Charoglu

Elise and Tim Cole

Copy Cats Printing

Dean and Mary Cromartie

Joelle and George Crook

Dr. and Mrs. J.P. Culpepper

Dr. and Mrs. Ken Culpepper

Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Curry, III

Dr. Kimberley Davis and Mr. Jimmy L. Hopkins

Andy and Beejee Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Dillard

Ginny and Rod Entrekin

Sean and Judy Fink

Desmond and Stacy Reischman Fletcher

George and Jayne Gillespie

John Griffith and Linda Boutwell Griffith

Dr. and Mrs. David Halliwell, III

Wes Hanson

Kay Harris

Wanda J. Howard

Seth M. Hunter

Raoul and Althea Jerome

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones

Laurie and Mark Klinedinst

Mike Lopinto in honor of John and Carolyn Lopinto

Dolly D. Loyd

Maureen K. Martin

Donna Matthews

Sharon C. McGregor

Bebe McLeod and Bill McLeod in memory of Dr. John A. McLeod, III

Christian and Angelle McQueen

Drs. Amy and Mark Miller

Dr. and Mrs. David Moffett

Beth and Pat Murphy

Sharon and David Richardson

Donna Runnels

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Rust

Scott and Elizabeth Schwartz

Betty and Tom Shows

Ann and Bill Simmons

Jessie A. Smith in memory of Roy Amory Smith

Eric and Mary Sumrall

Charles and Diane Thomas

Tommy and Martha Thornton

Richard and Debra Topp

Drs. Joe and Missy Washburne

Young Yu and Dr. Suyon Rhee



Don and Mim Adamson

George and Dee Dee Bassi

Peter and Jerre Bokor

Susan and Walter Bone

Dorothy K. Bradford

Tom and Joyce Bradley

Tim and Pam Breland

Nancy Powell Bryant

Jane and David Butler

Vivian Carver

Ron and Margaret Chapman

Nicholas and Rachel Ciraldo

Jim and Deedre’ Coll

Steve and Jennifer Conerly

Mo and Dick Conville***

Sarah Patty Dantin

Jay Dean and Maryann Kyle

Jerry and Bethanie DeFatta

Andrew Dews

Michael and Catherine Dodds

Deanna Douglas

Dr. Ellen Price-Elder and Mr. Keith Elder

Dr. Nollie Felts

Carol and Gardner Fletcher

Jeanne Gillespie

William and Cheryl Goggin

Trent and Kristy Gould

Dennis and Erin Granberry***

Nancy and John Guice

Patsy and George Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hardy

Stanley Hauer

Don and Fran Hegwood

Don and Amy Hinton***

Chris and Joyce Inman

Jeff and Rebekah Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson

Dan and Vicki Kibodeaux

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy King

Mike and Linda Kuykendall

Frank Laatsch and Susan Reiter

Vicki R. Leggett

Tom and Susan Light

Heidi Lucas

Marcos Machado

Claire and Pete Mangum

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Mayard

Julie McBride

Drs. Ben and Jackie McIlwain

Betty and Dicky McKenzie

Neil and Beverly McMillen

Georgie McMullan

Linda and Ken McMurtrey

Andy and Stace Mercier***

Danilo Mezzadri

Dr. Michael and Stacey Miles***

George and Connie Miller

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Mitchell

Deborah and Steve Moore

Astrid C. Mussiett in honor of Gladys Mussiett

Royce and Nell Nation

Ashley and Mark Norton

Dr. and Mrs. Greg Owens

Meg and Joe Paul

Bob and Kristi Pierce

Sessions and Rebecca Polk

Betty and Bob Press

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Ray

Mark Rigsby and Melanie Eubanks

Barbara Ann Ross

Gale and Joe Saenz

Virginia and Kenneth Stevens

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Sturdivant

Sally and Garland Sullivan in memory of COL Garland H. Williams

Ruth Ann Tanner

Dee and Toddy Tatum in memory of Dr. and Mrs. A.T. Tatum***

Mary Margaret Tatum

William L. Thames

Jennifer Torres

Jewel Brantley Tucker

In memory of Samuel Tucker

Mary S. Turner

Dr. Sharon and Mr. Carey Varnado

Billy J. Ulmer

Mary Ann and Sparky Walker

Sharon and Willis Walker

Mamie Walters N.D., B.A.

John Warrick

Brittany Westbrook

Dr. and Mrs. R. Greer Whitacre

Rebecca Woodrick

Jerry and Rosalie Zimmerman



Myrle-Marie Bongiovanni

Lance and Cherie Bowe

Vicki Copeland in memory of Taylor Copeland

Meredith Robertson-Early

Juliane and John Flanery family

Brenda Hesselgrave

CAPT and Mrs. Karl Langenbach

Karen LeBeau

Elizabeth Lentz

Lois Leventhal

Gail McInnis Productions

Mary Jo McKay

Shellie C. Nielsen

Charles and Nellie Phillips

Howard Paine

Don and Janet Prieur

Louis Rackoff and Elizabeth Slaby

Barbara L. Ross

Dr. Maureen Ryan

Ralph T. Simmons

Dinny St. John

Dr. David and Katie Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. Terrell Tisdale in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Peter Ciurczak

Jennifer Torres

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Ed Varner

Cathy Gulli Ventura

Marika Warner

Mary Virginia and Conrad Welker

Anna White

John Wooton

Anita Wright

Lisa Young


***Legacy Lifetime Member


As of October 15, 2013

If you would like to join Partners for the Arts or request a correction to this list, please contact PFTA at 601.266.5922.