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Additional Tips and Guidelines for Securing an Opportunity

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Housing & Relocation Resources:

If you will need to relocate for the duration of your internship, start with your employer first to see what they may offer in terms of assistance. Some employers may provide free to low-cost housing while others offer roommate matching/connection services or a list of local rental agencies. Others may offer funds for relocating. Some may not offer any of these benefits. Do NOT assume assistance will be provided as a part of your internship with the employer. Look on their website to see if this is available or ask during the application/interview process. Note: It is important that you ask if anything is available to you by the employer prior to accepting an offer.  

If temporary housing or relocation assistance is not provided, consider the following:

  • Check with your network of friends, faculty or family to see if you happen to know someone that is residing (or has resided) in the area that you could stay with at a reduced or "no cost" basis or to source for tips on finding temporary housing.
  • Check out our List of City Based Housing Resources for ideas.
  • Research Additional National Resources Online.

Please note the Center for Pathway Experiences does not maintain or own the websites listed on the links above. Nor do we endorse or recommend any service, fee-based or free options.  This list is not exhaustive and students are encouraged to search on their own.  We simply provide these as a service to USM students.  If students have questions about any of the sites or services listed on the linked pages, they are encouraged to contact their Better Business Bureau to research the organization and use good judgment when utilizing any service contained on these pages.

Paid Versus Unpaid Internships/Pathways:

Some organizations, such as non-profits are not able to offer paid internships.  Still other industries have typically not paid interns historically, such as in the communications, performing arts and entertainment as the internship, apprenticeship or experience is considered an education learning opportunity.  Students are encouraged to consider these options as well as the financial responsibility and professional value of the experience. Please note that unpaid internships at for-profit companies are monitored by the Department of Labor. If pursuing an unpaid internship or experience at a for-profit organization, we encourage to you to review the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Position on Unpaid Internships. For more information on either of these resources and how it might impact you, please contact our office.

Need funds to support your internship/pathways? Contact our office to locate more information on the Pathways Scholarship Fund.


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