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School of Performing and Visual Arts

School of Performing and Visual Arts

Art and Design, Dance, Theatre

The School of Performing and Visual Arts houses undergraduate programs in art, graphic design, painting and drawing, sculpture, dance performance and choreography, dance education, theatre, theatre performance, and theatre design and technology. Graduate program are offered in theatre performance, theatre design and technology, and directing. The school produces exhibitions and performances throughout the year, and students are highly engaged in practice in the arts.

The University of Southern Mississippi is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art  & Design, the National Association of Schools of Dance, and the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

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Our Programs

Faculty offer a practical and theoretical study of the performing and visual arts in an environment premised on developing creative and critical practice necessary for the field.


Revelry 2021

Revelry 2021

Join us for a multi-arts event celebrating the artistic work of faculty and students, which boasts over 50 events. 

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School of Performing and Visual Arts

201E Theatre and Dance

Campus Hattiesburg

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Our Research

3Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts

3Dedicated Buildings

With studios, theatre, and classrooms for arts majors


Attend annual festivals in their areas of study

We are a producing school with at least:

  • Six mainstage theatre performances per year.
  • Four performance ensembles in dance.
  • One gallery of Art and Design with a 12-month exhibition season.

From artist to creators, our alumni were "Born to Soar"
and are making an impact across the globe!  

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Dancers Featured in Apple Ad Conduct Master Class