Alumni Hall of Fame Policy

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                           24 February 2016



MEMORANDUM FOR:  Cadre and Staff, University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #12, Hall of Fame 



1.  The USM ROTC Battalion will recognize outstanding graduates of the program by induction into the Hall Of Fame.


2.  Criteria for selection will be:

  • Exemplary service as a career officer obtaining the rank of general officer.
  • Obtaining the rank of colonel and making a significant contribution to our military or our nation.
  • Distinguished combat service characterized by award of the Distinguished Service Cross or higher.
  • Exemplary service in the civilian sector characterized by significant success in the graduates career field and exemplary contribution to the nation, state, community, or university.


3.  The Adjutant will maintain a list of candidates and convene a board as needed, but at least twice a year, to consider candidates for induction.  The board will consist of five cadre members and two cadets.  The board will consider each candidate and make a recommendation to the PMS for approval.


4.  The PMS will notify each selectee of the offer of induction.  Notification will include a letter from the PMS, a battalion certificate, and whenever possible, a ceremony.  Inductions will occur in conjunction with other significant event such as Homecoming, the Military Appreciation Weekend events, Military Ball, or Awards Ceremony.


5.  The adjutant will ensure an 8x10 photo of the inductee is posted on the Hall of Fame board and a biography is included in the binder.





                                                                               JOSEPH SWINDLE

                                                                               LTC,  Aviation

                                                                               Professor of Military Science