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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering


Our faculty are actively involved in research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, bio-informatics, image and video processing, cybersecurity, and broadening participation in computing. Students have the opportunity to work on research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

We also host research experiences for K-12 teachers, provide an immersive experience for computing teachers to understand the applications of computing in the broader research community. The knowledge they gain is transferable to the K-12 classroom to help inspire the next generation of computing students and professionals.

Research Spotlight

Mississippi Innovation Clusters Map


Ramie fibers for Biopolymers and Marine-Friendly Plastics

Dr. Partha Sengupta, assistant teaching professor in the School of Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering at USM is leading a team of scientists who are part of the Inaugural Cohort of the Mississippi V-Quad Teams - a Mississippi Energy program for Innovation Clusters.

The Sengupta team’s project is titled: Ramie fibers for biopolymers and marine-friendly plastics. Sengupta points out that during his postdoctoral research on bio-based products in 2008 at North Dakota State University he learned about a plant named ramie that produces the world’s strongest natural fibers.

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2021 Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Li, B., Zhang, Q., Zhang, S., Ahmad, Z., Chidanguro, T., Hunter Davis, A., Simon, Y. C., Gu, X., Zheng, W., Pradhan, N., Dai, Q. (2021). Spontaneously supersaturated nucleation strategy for high reproducible and efficient perovskite solar cells. Chemical Engineering Journal.


2020 Journal Papers

  • A. Alsharif, M. Nabil, A. Sherif, M. Mahmoud and M. Song, "MDMS: Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Multidimension and Multisubset Data Collection for AMI Networks," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IF: 9.936), vol. 6, no. 6, pp. 10363-10374, Dec. 2019. 
  • M. Nabil, A. Sherif, M. Mahmoud, A. Alsharif and M. Abdallah, "Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Ridesharing Organization for Transferable and Non-Transferable Services," in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (IF: 6.864), 2019.

2020 Juried/Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • F. Amsaad, A. Sherif, Dipal Halder, and Mohamed M. E. A. Mahmoud “Efficient and Privacy Aware Hardware-based Authentication Scheme for AMI Network”, IEEE SoutheastCon 2020, March 12 – 15, 2020 Raleigh, NC, USA.
  • M.S. Rana & A.H. Sung, "DeepfakeStack: A Deep Ensemble-based Learning Technique for Deepfake Detection," 2020 7th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (CSCloud)/2020 6th IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing and Scalable Cloud (EdgeCom), New York City, August 2020, pp.70-75, doi: 10.1109/CSCloud-EdgeCom49738.2020.00021.
  • C. Gudla & A.H. Sung, “Moving Target Defense Application and Analysis in Software-Defined Networking,”  IEMCON 2020 (The 11th Annual IEEE Information Technology, electronics and Mobile Communication Conference, November 4-7, Vancouver).
  • Andrew Sung, “Multimedia forensics: Image, Audio, Video,” Keynote Speech, ICAIP 2020 (4th International Conference on Advances in Image Processing, Nov. 13-15, Chengdu, China)    I took the opportunity to also let PhD student M.S. Rana talk about his research on Deepfake detection.
  • Monica McGill, Sarah Lee, Litany Lineberry (2021) Piloting the Air Force JROTC Cyber Academy for High School Students. 2021 SIGCSE Technical Symposium.

2020 Other Publications and Presentations.

  • M. Baza, M. Pazos-Revilla, A. Sherif, M. Nabil, A. ALjohani, M. Mahmoud, W. Alasmary, " Privacy-preserving and Collusion-Resistant Charging Coordination Schemes for Smart Grids," IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, accepted December 2020.
  • Mohamed Elsersy, A. Sherif, Ashraf Darwish, Abu Ella Hassanien, "Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies for Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic: Innovative Approaches", chapter published by Springer, accepted 2020.

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