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Center for Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity Coordinator: Dr.%20Nick%20Rahimi

Our Center for Cybersecurity is comprised of traditional and alternative pathways to cybersecurity education, collaborative cross-disciplinary research, and community outreach activities that include summer camps and workshops for K-12 students. Our faculty are committed to excellence in teaching, innovative research, and service in cybersecurity.

The University of Southern Mississippi is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  


Cybersecurity-focused Academic Programs

Our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is approved as a National Security Agency Validated Program of Study and provides students with knowledge, skills, and abilities for protecting hardware, software, and data.

The information technology program prepares graduates to design, implement and administer complex client-server information systems. The program includes coursework in local and wide-area networking, cybersecurity including network security, network management, network design as well as application development and virtualization technologies. 

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The Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity is offered fully online and provides opportunity to transfer up to 60 hours of technical credit earned at a community college to a 4-year degree program in a growing technical field.

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The certificate in Applied Cybersecurity is an option for industry professionals who want to upskill in the cybersecurity content area, for those looking to enter the professional sector from another vocation, and for undergraduates in any major who want to develop skills and competencies for cybersecurity defense.

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The Information Security minor provides foundational skills development in policies, processes, and technologies for securing information and managing the risks related to the use, storage, and transmission of data and information. 

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Eagle Cyber Range

Our Eagle Cyber Range provides a cloud-hosted virtual environment for realistic, hands-on cybersecurity labs and exercises. Other academic and training entities are invited to contact%20us to learn about this service.


As a CompTIA Academic partner, and through our relationships with a variety of stakeholders, we offer cybersecurity awareness and more advanced cybersecurity training in our Cyber4Work program. Our community outreach programs boost tech sector diversity and provide pathways to cybersecurity education in Mississippi.

Cybersecurity Awareness at USM

USM's iTech department keeps University stakeholders alert to technical infrastructure issues including cybersecurity events and warnings.  Check out current alerts by clicking here.

Learn how to practice good cyber hygiene: Cybersecurity Awareness @ USM

Other initiatives

Student Activities

Our students are active in student organizations, community outreach, and competitions. Student organizations include the following:

Cybersecurity Competitions

Cybersecurity competitions are hosted in-person or virtually and provide an environment for participants to engage with cybersecurity activities in a competitive manner. These activities enable students to apply the theories and approaches to cyber defense and operations to real-world applications in a safe, controlled environment.

Participating in cybersecurity competitions bring a number of benefits. Participants gain experience in ethical practices, they enhance their learning, and they are able to network with cybersecurity professionals and employers which often leads to internships and full-time employment in the field.

A few of the most well known competitions in the cybersecurity industry are:

Affiliated Faculty

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides valuable input to our cybersecurity education strategy.

See a list of our Advisory Board members

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