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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering

CS Graduate Program FAQ

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What is the deadline for application to the Computer Science graduate program?

The deadlines for application to the CS graduate degree programs are as follows:

·      Fall semester: July 1 (Domestic); June 1 (International)

·      Spring semester: November 15 (Domestic); October 15 (International)

·      Summer semester: N/A (applications not accepted for summer entry)

Your application must be complete by the above deadline. This means all required materials, i.e., completed application form, official academic transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation, TOEFL/IELTS scores, and your personal statement, must be available to the Graduate School by the posted deadline. Please note that GRE score is not required for your application for our MS and Ph.D. programs.  

Can I have any assurances about admission before I apply? Or what is the likelihood that my application will succeed?

The short answer is no, we can't predict, even if you include your resume and GPA  in your query. Your application undergoes a process from the point of completion to the point of a decision. It involves multiple levels of approval. The decision depends not only on the totality of your application package, but also on the quality of applicants in that semester, which itself is unpredictable. Therefore, the outcome cannot be predicted for an individual prematurely based on partial credentials, even to the degree of likelihood. The best thing to do is to complete your application on time and wait for the result.

How do I determine whether my background qualifies for your graduate programs? Particularly, what are the minimum requirements for admission?

For the current admissions requirements for any graduate degree at The University of Southern Mississippi, you may refer to the Graduate Bulletin at

I have completed my application by the posted deadline. When can I expect a decision?

If your application was complete (i.e., all required materials were available to Graduate School) by a posted deadline, you may expect a letter of admission, or conditional admission, or rejection in about 2 months from the posted deadline. Your application goes through multiple sequential steps of processing, reviewing, and decision making and this process takes time. The timeframe may also be affected by the number of applications received. 

I was denied admission. Why?

We do not cite reasons for individual application decisions. Admission/rejection decisions are made via multiple levels of review, and detailed reasons behind each recommendation are not provided to the applicant. 

I was offered conditional admission. What does that mean?

Conditional admission differs only slightly from regular admission. Conditional admission is offered in cases where the application review committee was not fully confident about the applicant's level of proficiency in the core areas of computer science, yet found the overall application compelling enough to justify admission. Students must complete conditional admissions requirements before their status is changed to full admission. Details may be found in the Graduate Bulletin at

I have already taken graduate courses at another institution. Can I transfer those credits to USM?

Yes, some credits may be transferred. You may be asked to provide the following for each course before an equivalency decision is made:

A.   Title and description of each course that you wish to transfer.

B.   A detailed list of topics covered in that course.

C.   A link to the website of the graduate program where the course(s) was taken.

You may transfer up to 9 graduate credit hours from another institution. Course credit applied toward another earned degree cannot be transferred. Non-content courses, such as thesis or dissertation research, cannot be transferred. 

What are the requirements for degree completion?

For degree requirements, you may refer to the Graduate Bulletin at

How can I find a list of courses being offered this/next semester?

Go to You do not need a SOAR password to search the upcoming semester schedule. Click on "Class Search". When you get to the search criteria, select the Term/Semester of interest, select your subject (COS for "Computational Science", or CSC for "Computer Science"), and your campus, then click "Search". The list of classes with their instructors, meeting times, and other details, will appear below.

Does the School of Computing offer any online graduate courses?

Using SOAR as described above, select "Online" for your campus, then click "Search". The list of online classes will appear below. 

How can I find the areas of expertise/research of your faculty?

You can find a list of faculty and their research areas at our website:

Does the School of Computing offer any financial assistance, and how do I avail these opportunities?

Students my apply for a teaching assistantship in the School of CSCE at this link

It is important to note that these positions are very limited. You may reach out to faculty directly to inquire about research assistant opportunities.

Other Questions

The following should be addressed to either the Graduate School and/or the International Services:

A.   How many courses do I need to (or can I) take each semester, including summer?

B.   My application materials should have reached you by now, but some materials show as "pending" in my account. Why?

C.   Any other question about application materials, application fees, or the application portal.

D.   Questions relating to student/other visa, Curricular Practical Training (CPT), or Optional Practical Training (OPT).

E.    Questions about tuition, fees, and other costs.

F.    Questions about tuition waivers.



Last updated: 10/18/2023

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