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Creative Arts

Studying Creative Arts

Do you consider yourself an original and independent person? Are you drawn to activities where you have the freedom to express your creative ideas? Do you dream of a career performing, designing, or creating art? If this sounds like you, explore our opportunities and see what it means to be a Golden Eagle.

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Madalin Costella

Meet Madalin Costella

Art (Sculpture/Ceramics) BFA

As a freshman, I changed my major four times in search of the right fit. It wasn't until I took a 3D arts class that I discovered my passion for clay. Deciding to major in Ceramics, I began working towards earning a degree in the field. In an instant, my peers became like my family, and through it, I've not only honed my artistic skills but also discovered much about myself and how to grow as an artist.

Learn by Doing

Find yourself taking center stage, creating original works, and seeing your ideas come to life. From film productions, performances or choreographies, and visual or ceramic works to graphic or sketch designs, here you will create!

Travis Higa

Meet Travis Higa

Director of the Pride of Mississippi  | Lecturer of Music and Symphonic Band Conductor

The students of the Pride of Mississippi continually inspire me to strive for the best, embodying the tradition of excellence that resonates throughout campus. Beyond mastering the marching drills for each performance, what truly enriches my experience is getting to know each student. They come from diverse backgrounds and have varied interests, yet we all unite with a common goal: to share our passion. It's this sense of community that makes the Pride of Mississippi truly unique compared to other student organizations and marching bands. 


We proudly boast a vibrant community of alumni that are soaring across industries and working at companies around the world. Here are some recent graduates.

Photo of Tijaha Richardson

Meet Tijaha Richardson ’20

Media and Entertainment Arts (Film) BA
Independent Filmmaker at Groundbreaking Production Studios 
IT Quality Control Specialist at Nextech Partners
Jackson, Mississippi

I decided to transfer to Southern Miss to pursue my dream of being a filmmaker, a passion I've had since 8th grade. My professors played a significant role in shaping me into a tenacious student and leader. I left my mark by actively participating in campus life and various student organizations, including the Southern Miss Black Journalists Association. Today, I am making waves as an IT Quality Control Specialist at a technology company, all while being an independent filmmaker, shedding light on important stories that uplift our communities in Mississippi.

Photo of Anastasia Talley

Anastasia Talley ’12

Music Education BMEd (Choral)

Musician and Broadway MJ The Musical, Girl From the North Country

Los Angeles, California

Photo of Cody Bass

Cody Bass ’16

Graphic Design BFA

Senior Designer at Matchstic
Atlanta, Georgia


Photo of Sheldon MBA

Sheldon MBA ’20

Theatre (Performance) MFA

Interim Program Director of Theatre & Assistant Professor of Performing Arts at Wichita State University School of Performing Arts
Wichita, Kansas

Photo of Jenn Alafat

Jenn Alafat ’19

Dance (Performance and Choreography) BFA 

Professional Dancer 
Hannah Kahn Dance Company 
Colorado Springs, CO 

Interesting Courses

Did you know over 2 K courses are offered in an academic year in the creative arts?  Here is a sampling of courses that might spark your interest.

Design for Social Good
Special Problems in Art

ART 492

Design for social good by taking a local nonprofit as your client. You’ll revamp their branding and create a visual identity that amplifies their impact and reach.

Study Abroad Italy
Italian Art, Design, and Architecture

ID 497

Dive into the Italian culture by exploring ancient ruins, medieval villages, and exceptional sculptural and architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Concert Choir
Concert Choir

MUP 483

Perform diverse repertoire from various musical periods by joining this ensemble, which offers opportunities to students from various fields of study.

Tech and Sound
Intro to Technical Lighting and Sound

THE 212

From learning the secrets of setting the perfect stage ambiance to mastering the art of crafting immersive auditory experiences, get a behind the scenes of technical wizardry.

Create your own Southern Miss story.


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