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Society and Culture

Studying Society and Culture 

Do you consider yourself a helpful, friendly, and thoughtful person? Are you interested in situations involving human interactions and the dissemination of information? Do you want to understand how humans relate to each other and ways we might resolve social problems? If this sounds like you, explore our opportunities and see what it means to be a Golden Eagle.

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Photo of Montanah Middleton

Meet Montanah Middleton 

English (English Education) BA

I was a bit nervous at the beginning as a transfer student. To my surprise, my time at Southern Miss has proven to be the best decision I could have made for my future. Over the next year,  I researched and wrote a thesis — I even won an award for it at the Undergraduate Symposium. This experience will set me apart from others in my field. Southern Miss has brought out the researcher in me, and I am a better student because of it.

Learn by Doing

Find yourself studying about war and society, gaining practical legal skills, examining the institutions of the government and legal systems, learning world languages, or making the world your classroom. From practicing literary skills to questioning fundamental beliefs in forums, here you will build human relationships!

photo of Dr. Ian Dunkle

Meet Dr. Ian Dunkle

Assistant Professor  |  A 19th-20th Century European philosopher

Reflecting on human nature in the 17th century, Blaise Pascal observed that we're driven by the challenge of difficult pursuits over the result. In the 19th century, Friedrich Nietzsche echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the power in confronting greater challenges. Teaching philosophy at Southern Miss provides me with the opportunity to inspire students to explore human nature and the good life, pushing them to think deeper and to challenge themselves. Witnessing them rise to this challenge is truly rewarding!


We proudly boast a vibrant community of alumni that are soaring across industries and working at companies around the world. Here are some recent graduates.

Photo of A'Darius McCormick

Meet A'Darius McCormick ’22

Broadcast Journalism BA
Multi-Skilled Journalist
The Victoria Television Group Navarro
Victoria, Texas

Southern Miss is more than just a place; it's a piece of home. Here, I forged lifelong friendships and formed incredibly special connections. My professors, classmates, and friends became my chosen family, propelling me towards my dream of becoming a distinguished journalist. After graduating, I was ready for life. This readiness stemmed from a sum of experiences, primarily from my time at the Student Media Center, where I fulfilled various roles as a reporter, podcast host, and SMTV anchor.

Photo of Ali Melad
Ali Melad ’23

Applied Economics BS | Computer Science minor

Mercatus Center Graduate fellow, Open Health Team
Pursuing Master's in Economics from George Mason University

Fairfax County, Virginia

Photo of Sarah Boone
Sarah Boone ’23

Anthropology BA

Bioarchaeologist at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Jackson, Mississippi

Photo of Sawyer Walters
Sawyer Walters ’18

Criminal Justice BS

Development Officer at The USM Foundation

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Photo of Autum Sobel
Autumn Sobel ’17

History BA

Regional Training Manager at Alcon
Houston, Texas

Interesting Courses 

Did you know over 1.8 K courses are offered in an academic year in society and culture? Here is a sampling of courses that might spark your interest.

Service Lerning in Black Studies

Service-Learning in Black Studies

BLKS 491

Engage in a community service-learning project, in partnership with a local agency, that aims to address systemic inequalities and enhance living conditions for Black communities.

Dia de los Muertos in Mexico

Traditions, Festivals, and Icons

SPA 332

Learn about the cultural traditions, festivals and icons of the Hispanic world, their origins, underlying motives and roles they play in shaping society’s culture and values.

U.S. Foreign Relations

U.S. Foreign Relations

HIS 473/573

Study America's international relations from its inception to the present, exploring their impact on domestic and global affairs.

The Minari Film

The South and Film

ENG 400/ENG 489

Explore the portrayal of the American South in film and literature, spanning classics to recent works, including The Birth of a Nation (1915) to the Minari (2023).

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