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Society and Culture

Studying Society and Culture 

Do you consider yourself a helpful, friendly, and thoughtful person? Are you interested in situations involving human interactions and the dissemination of information? Do you want to understand how humans relate to each other and ways we might resolve social problems? If this sounds like you, explore our opportunities and see what it means to be a Golden Eagle.

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Christian Hasenkampf

Meet Christian Hasenkampf

B.S. in Applied Economics and Minor in Computer Science

USM is full of opportunities which can help students to truly flourish, from internships in Washington D.C. to being able to meet and engage with prominent scholars. From my own personal experiences as an undergrad, I love the ability to learn and develop ideas alongside fellow students and be able to engage in discussions with professors. The open learning environment at USM is something I truly cherish. 

Learn by Doing

Find yourself studying about war and society, gaining practical legal skills, examining the institutions of the government and legal systems, learning world languages, or making the world your classroom. From practicing literary skills to questioning fundamental beliefs in forums, here you will build human relationships!

Dr. Joseph Peterson

Meet Dr. Joseph Peterson

Assistant Professor of History | An historian of Modern France, imperialism, and religion

'History,' a famous historian once wrote, offers us 'the means of participating in everything.' I enjoy watching our undergrads get to recover the voices and walk in the shoes of people from every place, time, and culture—as they learn to 'participate in everything'! 


We proudly boast a vibrant community of alumni that are soaring across industries and working at companies around the world. Here are some recent graduates.

Photo of Abigail Jordan

Meet Abigail Jordon ’21

B.S. in English
Publicity Assistant for independent publisher Other Press

At Southern Miss, I experienced a community of professors, scholars, and peers that were fundamental to my overall success as not only a student but a holistic individual. During my four years, USM became my home away from home. I was able to grow as an academic through the help of my wonderful teachers and mentors, while simultaneously becoming more aware of who I wanted to be.

McKenzie Hamilton

Mackenzie Hamilton ’21

B.S. in Broadcast Journalism

• Sports Reporter and MBA candidate at Auburn University

• ESPN's 2022 Summer Intern Class
Auburn, Alabama

Jaylen Hackett

Jaylen Hackett ’17

B.S. in Economics & Political Science

• MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management

• Master’s in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Boston, Massachusetts

Mallory Lizana

Mallory Lizana ’19 

B.S. in Criminal Justice, Double Minor in Broadcast Journalism and Legal Studies (Pre-Law)

• Post Graduate Certified Legal Intern, Ninth Judicial Circuit Public Defender's Office
• Florida State University College of Law Juris Doctorate, Law
Orlando, Florida

Max Alberts

Max Alberts ’18

B.A. in History (Licensure in Social Studies)

Senior Analyst, Accenture (Global)
Austin, Texas

Interesting Courses 

Did you know over 1.8 K courses are offered in an academic year in society and culture? Here is a sampling of courses that might spark your interest.

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies

Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies

WGS 301

Get an Introduction of the interdisciplinary area of women's and gender studies through readings, guest lectures, and discussions.

Mississippi History

Mississippi History

HIS 370

A survey of Mississippi’s economic, social and political development from 17th-century European settlement to the present.

Philisiphy of Disability

Philosophy of Disability

PHI 492/IDS 370 

Tackle key questions head-on, drawing on cutting-edge research into health, disability, and wellbeing in and beyond philosophy.

Studies in Games and Literature

Studies in Games and Literature

ENG 448

Examine the recent history and development of the videogame narrative by answering, "How have videogames changed in the last two decades as a medium for telling and organizing stories?"

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