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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

NMR Remote Access

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photograph of classroom instructionIn 2010, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry introduced a unique opportunity to local junior and community colleges.  With support from the National Science Foundation and regional educators, the department acquired a Bruker AvanceTM III 400 MHz NMR spectrometer.  In an effort to expand the new NMR spectrometer’s use and promote chemical education, the department made the instrument available to educators at regional schools of higher education.

This access is supported remotely through the Internet and allows educators to obtain NMR spectra in real time from any Internet-equipped computer at their institution free of charge.  Educators can analyze samples provided by the department or can send their own students’ samples for analysis.  In addition to analysis, a webcam located in the instrument room gives students the opportunity to see the instrument in action. 

This project is supported through the NSF-MRI program (0840390).

Current Participants:

  • Jones County Junior College  Dr. Giselle Marks
  • William Carey University  Dr. Michael McNatt
  • USM Gulf Coast Campus  Dr. Dale Ledford
  • USM  Dr. Douglas Masterson & Ms. Tina Masterson



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