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Division of Student Affairs

Residence Life Policies

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Alterations Policy (STUA-RES-059)
Appliances/Furniture Policy (STUA-RES-060)
Assessment of Damages Policy (STUA-RES-045)
Assignment Process Policy (STUA-RES-004)
Behavior and Conduct Toward Roommates (STUA-RES-019)
Bicycles and Motorbikes Policy (STUA-RES-061)
Break Housing (STUA-RES-012)
Breezeways and Grounds Policy (STUA-RES-062)
Building Equipment Policy (STUA-RES-063)
Bunk Beds/Lofts/Cinder Blocks/Rails Policy (STUA-RES-046)
Business Enterprises in the Residence Halls Policy (STUA-RES-020)
Camping and Grilling Policy (STUA-RES-021)
Child Supervision Policy (STUA-RES-064)
Compliance with University Regulations and Governmental Policies (STUA-RES-008)
Custodial Care Policy (STUA-RES-009)
Dances/Other Events Policy (STUA-RES-022)
Elevator Policy (STUA-RES-024)
Failure to Comply Policy (STUA-RES-025)
Felony Conviction/University Right to Cancel Policy (STUA-RES-052)
Fire and Safety Equipment Policy (STUA-RES-026)
Gas Leak Procedures Policy (STUA-RES-058)
Hall Sports Policy (STUA-RES-028)
Harassment and Threatening or Aggressive Behavior Toward Staff Policy (STUA-RES-029)
Health and Safety Policy (STUA-RES-030)
Housing Fee Policy (STUA-RES-003)
Housing for Students with Disabilities (STUA-RES-011)
Length of Residence Policy (STUA-RES-053)
Liability Policy (STUA-RES-056)
Loitering Outside the Halls Policy (STUA-RES-031)
Meal Plan Policy (STUA-RES-013)
Motorized Vehicles Policy (STUA-RES-014)
Noise Policy (STUA-RES-032)
Obstruction of Corridors, Lobbies, Lounges and Walkways Policy (STUA-RES-033)
Overnight Guests Policy (STUA-RES-034)
Payment of Rent Policy (STUA-RES-054)
Pets in Family/Special Interest Housing Policy (STUS-RES-057)
Pets in Residence Halls Policy (STUA-RES-035)
Policy Violations (STUA-RES-016)
Potential Harm to Others Policy (STUA-RES-036)
Privacy of Residents Policy (STUS-RES-017)
Property Responsibility Policy (STUA-RES-006)
Residence Life Conduct Process Policy (STUA-RES-051)
Responsibilities of the University Policy (STUA-RES-010)
Room Decorating Policy (STUA-RES-047)
Safety Policy (STUA-RES-007)
Sign Policy (STUA-RES-037)
Smoking in Residence Halls Policy (STUA-RES-038)
Solicitation Policy (STUA-RES-039)
Solicitors Policy (STUA-RES-065)
Storage Fees Policy (STUA-RES-048)
Study/Quiet Hours Policy (STUA-RES-040)
Termination of Housing Contract Lease Agreement (STUA-RES-005)
Theft and Possession of Stolen Property Policy (STUA-RES-041)
University Email Policy (STUA-RES-015)
University Housing Policy (STUA-RES-001)
Vandalism Policy (STUA-RES-043)
Visitation Policy (STUA-RES-042)
Windows/Balconies/Roof/Restricted Areas Policy (STUA-RES-044)
Withdrawal from the Residence Hall Policy (STUA-RES-049)
Withdrawal From the University Policy (STUA-RES-050)

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