Prepharmacy Emphasis

Fit of prepharmacy requirements for the University of Mississippi Pharmacy School with the Biochemistry emphasis

Year 1, Semester 1
CHE 106, 106L General Chemistry I
ENG 101 English Composition I
MAT 103 or 128 Trig or Precalculus
BSC 110, 110L General Biology I
CMS 111 Speech

Year 1, Semester 2
CHE 107, 107L General Chemistry II
ENG 102 English Composition II
MAT 167 Calculus I
BSC 111, 111L General Biology II
ART 130, MUS 165, or THE 100

Year 2, Semester 1 (17 hrs)
CHE 255, 255L Organic Chemistry I
PHY 111, 111L Physics I
MAT 168 Calculus II
PSY 110 Introduct. Psychology
ENG 203 World Literature

Year 2, Semester 2
CHE 256, 256L Organic Chemistry II
PHY 112, 112L Physics II
BSC 380, 380L Microbiology
ECO 202 Principles of Economics
PHI 452 Health Care Ethics

Year 3, Semester 1
CHE 421 Biochemistry I
CHE 311, 311L Analytical Chem.
BSC 481 Pathogenic Micro
BSC 451 Human Physiology
HIS 101 World History I

Year 3, Semester 2
ANT 101, GHY 101, or SOC 101
BSC 486, 486L Immunology
BSC 370 Genetics
BSC 360 or 476 Cell or Molecular Biol.
PSY 360 Statistics

Year 4, Semester 1
CHE 421L Biochemistry I lab
CHE 461, 461L Physical Chemistry I
HIS 102 World History II
CHE 410 Chemical Safety

Year 4, Semester 2
CHE 422 Biochemistry II
CHE 424 Biochemistry III
CHE 451,460,470 Chemistry Elective
CHE 496 Senior Research


  1. Students would have all pharmacy prerequisites at the end of the third year so it is possible to apply to pharmacy school at that time.
  2. The BSC 110 and 111 courses do not have to be taken in this order.
  3. The initial math course for freshmen is determined by criteria set by the math department. Students will need to have at least a 24 on the math ACT subscore to begin in trigonometry or precalculus (MAT 128) and a 26 on the math ACT subscore to begin in calculus.
  4. CHE 311L and 421L are two credit hour classes.
  5. The BOLD italics courses above do not have prerequisites and so can be swapped in the sequence.
  6. Students wishing to apply to the Auburn pharmacy school will need to take an additional English literature course.
  7. Students wishing to apply to the Samford pharmacy school will need to take an additional anatomy/physiology course such as comparative anatomy (BSC 361). Samford also requires mathematical statistics rather than the PSY 360 statistics.
  8. Students should be familiar with the prepharmacy information on the College of Science and Technology website.