Graduate Program Contacts and Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are set by individual departments. Please contact the department of your major for deadline information.


College of Arts and Letters (COAL website)

Department of Anthropology and Sociology
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Anthropology MADr. Marie Danforth601.266.4306Fall, Spring (for dual programs only)
Non-Profit Studies CertificateDr. Ann Marie Kinnell601.266.4306Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Communication Studies
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Communication Studies PhDDr. Kathryn Anthony601.266.4258Fall, Spring, Summer
Communication Studies MA/MSDr. Kathryn Anthony601.266.4258Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of English
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
English PhDDr. Alexandra Valint601.266.4320Fall, Spring
English MADr. Alexandra Valint601.266.4320Fall, Spring
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Teaching of Languages MATLDr. Laurel Abreu601.266.4964Fall, Spring, Summer
TESOL CertificateDr. Laurel Abreu601.266.4964Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of History
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
History PhDDr. Kenneth Swope601.266.4333Fall (preferred), Spring
History MA/MSDr. Kenneth Swope601.266.4333Fall (preferred), Spring
Public History CertificateDr. Kenneth Swope601.266.4333Fall, Spring
Department of Mass Communication
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Mass Communication PhDDr. Cheryl Jenkins601.266.4258Fall, Spring, Summer
Mass Communication MA/MSDr. Cheryl Jenkins601.266.4258Fall, Spring, Summer
Public Relations MSDr. Cheryl Jenkins601.266.4258Fall, Spring, Summer
School of Music
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Music Performance DMADr. Kimberley Davis601.266.5543Fall, Spring, Summer
Music Education PhDDr. Kimberley Davis601.266.5543Fall, Spring, Summer
Music MMDr. Kimberley Davis601.266.5543Fall, Spring, Summer
Music MMEdDr. Kimberley Davis601.266.5543Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Political Science, International Development, and International Affairs
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
International Development PhDDr. J.J. St. Marie228.214.3289Fall, Spring
Political Science MA/MSDr. Marek Steedman601.266.4310Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Theatre
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Theatre (Design and Technology) MFAMr. Stephen Judd601.266.4994Fall, Spring, Summer
Theatre (Directing) MFAMr. Louis Rackoff601.266.4994Fall only
Theatre (Performance) MFAMs. Monica Hayes601.266.4994Fall only

College of Business (COB website)

School of Accountancy
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Accounting MPAMs. Amber Hatten601.266.4641Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Economic Development, Tourism, and Sport Management
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Economic Development MSDr. Chad Miller601.266.6762Fall, Spring, Summer
Economic Development CertificateDr. Chad Miller601.266.6762Fall, Spring, Summer
Sport Management MSDr. Dennis Phillips601.266.6762Fall, Spring, Summer
Sport Security Management CertificateDr. Dennis Phillips601.266.6762Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Management and International Business
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Business Administration MBAMs. Heather Adams Sison228.214.3496Fall, Spring, Summer
Business Foundations CertificateMs. Heather Adams Sison228.214.3496Fall, Spring

College of Education and Psychology (COEP website)

Department of Child and Family Studies
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Child and Family Studies MSDr. Claire Kimberly228.214.3270Fall only
Marriage and Family TherapyDr. Pam Rollins601.266.4679Fall only
School Counseling and Guidance Services MEdDr. Juawice McCormick601.266.4679Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education
Fall, Spring, Summer
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Dyslexia Therapy Education MEdDr. Katie Tonore601.266.5247Summer only
Elementary Education MEdDr. Katie Tonore601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Instructional Technology MSDr. Shuyan Wang601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Instructional Technology CertificateDr. Shuyan Wang601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Secondary Teacher Education (Alternate Route) MATDr. Jay Howell601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Secondary Education and Teaching (TMI) CertificateDr. Jay Howell601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Special Education PhDDr. Hollie Filce601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Special Education EdSDr. Hollie Filce601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Special Education MEdDr. Hollie Filce601.266.5247Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Educational Research and Administration
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Education Administration and Supervision MEdDr. Myron Labat601.266.4621Fall only
Education Studies and Research MS

Dr. Kyna Shelley

601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Education (Research, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment) PhDDr. Kyna Shelley601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Educational Administration (P-12) PhDDr. Myron Labat601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Educational Administration (P-12) EdDDr. Myron Labat601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Educational Administration (P-12) EdSDr. Myron Labat601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Higher Education Administration PhDDr. Holly Foster601.266.4621contact department
Higher Education Administration EdDDr. Holly Foster601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Higher Education Administration (Student Affairs) MEdDr. Holly Foster601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
Institutional Research CertificateDr. Kyna Shelley601.266.4621Fall, Spring, Summer
School of Library and Information Science
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission

Library and Information Science MLIS

Dr. Teresa Welsh601.266.4228Fall, Spring, Summer

MLIS with School Library Licensure

Dr. Teresa Welsh601.266.4228Fall, Spring, Summer
Archive and Special Collections CertificateDr. Teresa Welsh601.266.4228Fall, Spring, Summer
Youth Services and Literature CertificateDr. Teresa Welsh601.266.4228Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Psychology

College of Health (COH website)

School of Kinesiology
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Kinesiology MSDr. Gary Krebs601.266.5358Fall, Spring
Sport Coaching Education MSDr. Melissa Thompson601.266.5358Fall only
Department of Medical Laboratory Science
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Medical Laboratory Science MSDr. Cynthia Handley601.266.4908Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Nutrition and Food Systems
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Nutrition and Food Systems Dietetics MSDr. Elaine Molaison601.266.5377Fall only
Nutrition and Food Systems MSDr. Elaine Molaison601.266.5377Fall, Spring, Summer
Management of Child Nutrition Programs CertificateDr. Elaine Molaison601.266.5377Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Public Health
School of Social Work
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Social Work MSWDr. Jerome Kolbo601.266.4163Fall, Summer (Advanced Standing only)
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Audiology AuDDr. Lee Terrio601.266.5216Fall only
Deaf Education MSDr. Christina Perigoe601.266.5216Summer only
Speech Language Pathology MA/MSDr. Steven Cloud601.266.5216Summer, Fall

College of Nursing (CON website)

Department of Advanced Practice
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admissions
Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) BSN-DNPDr. Melanie Gilmore601.266.5454Fall only
Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) MSNDr. Melanie Gilmore 601.266.5454 Summer only
Nursing (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner) BSN-DNPDr. Abby McNeil601.266.5454Fall only
Nursing (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner) MSNDr. Abby McNeil 601.266.5454Summer only
Nursing (Nurse Anesthesia) DNPDr. Nina McLain601.266.5454Spring only
Nursing Graduate Certificates (FNP, FPMHNP, or PMHNP) 601.266.5454contact dept.
Department of Systems Leaderships and Health Outcomes
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Nursing DNP (Clinical or BSN-DNP Leadership)Dr. Marcus Gaut601.266.5454Fall only
Nursing PhD (Leadership or BSN-PhD Leadership)Dr. Janie Butts601.266.5454Fall only

College of Science and Technology (COST website)

Department of Biological Science
ProgramContactDepartment PhoneTerms of Admission
Biological Science PhDDr. Jake Schaefer601.266.4748Fall, Spring
Biological Science MSDr. Jake Schaefer601.266.4748Fall, Spring
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Chemistry PhDDr. Song Guo601.266.4701Fall, Spring
Chemistry MSDr. Song Guo601.266.4701Fall, Spring
School of Computing
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Computational Science (Computer Science) PhDDr. Bikramjit Banerjee601.266.4949Fall, Spring
Computer Science MSDr. Bikramjit Banerjee601.266.4949Fall, Spring
School of Construction
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Logistics, Trade, and Transportation MSDr. Mohsen Hosseini601.266.4895Fall, Spring, Summer
School of Criminal Justice
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Criminal Justice MA/MSDr. Joshua Hill601.266.4509Fall, Spring
Criminal Justice CertificateDr. Joshua Hill 601.266.4509Fall, Spring
Department of Geography and Geology
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Geography MSDr. Mark Miller601.266.4729Fall, Spring
Geographic Information Technology CertificateDr. Mark Miller601.266.4729Fall, Spring, Summer
Geology MSDr. Franklin Heitmuller601.266.4729Fall, Spring
Department of Human Capital Development
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Human Capital Development PhDDr. Cyndi Gaudet228.214.3517Fall, Spring, Summer
Human Capital Development MSDr. Heather Annulis228.214.3517Fall, Spring, Summer
Department of Mathematics
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Computational Science (Mathematics) PhDDr. James Lambers601.266.4289Fall, Spring, Summer
Mathematics MSDr. James Lambers601.266.4289Fall, Spring, Summer
School of Ocean Science and Technology
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Coastal Sciences PhDMs. Darcie Graham228.872.4200Fall, Spring
Coastal Science MSMs. Darcie Graham228.872.4200Fall, Spring
Hydrographic Science MSMs. Linda Downs228.688.7097Fall only
Marine Science PhDMs. Linda Downs228.688.7097Fall, Spring
Marine Science MSMs. Linda Downs228.688.7097Fall, Spring
Department of Physics and Astronomy
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Computational Science (Physics) PhDDr. Khin Maung601.266.4934Fall, Spring, Summer
Physics MSDr. Khin Maung601.266.4934Fall, Spring, Summer
School of Polymers and High Performance Materials
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admissions
Polymer Science PhDMs. Kimberly Wingo601.266.4868Fall, Spring
Center for Science and Math Education
ProgramContactPhoneTerms of Admission
Science and Math Education PhDDr. Sherry Herron601.266.4739Fall, Spring
Science and Math Education MSDr. Sherry Herron601.266.4739Fall, Spring, Summer

*Typically, in order to be eligible to receive an assistantship, new students should be admitted and enrolled in courses by July 1 for Fall admission, December 1 for Spring admission, or May 1 for Summer admission.